Career Coaching Privacy Notification and Consent

Career Coaching Privacy Notification and Consent

In order to provide employment services and assistance, Skillsroad (acting as a contractor of the Department of Industry) is required to collect sensitive information that is additional to personal information such as name and date of birth. Skillsroad will provide this information to the Department of Industry. This sensitive and/or health information may include details of:

  • schooling and other educational experiences
  • cultural background, to ensure that you are provided with the most appropriate service or a translator if required
  • medical conditions, injuries or disabilities, for example to provide you with appropriate support services and/or to ensure your suitability for certain employment opportunities and activities
  • housing status and sustainability—this allows the provider to provide you with appropriate support services if required.
Skillsroad will generally collect such information directly from you; however your information may also be collected from:
  • Service Providers and/or third parties including where work experience or voluntary work activities are undertaken. Employers offering volunteer or work experience places
  • Support Service Providers such as mental health services, housing and accommodation services, alcohol and other drug treatment services.
By signing up to Skillsroad's #GetThatJob Career Coaching Program, you confirm that if you are placed into employment as a result of joining this program, you consent for Skillsroad to contact your future employer to obtain proof of employment. 

By registering to Skillsroad you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the collection of your sensitive information in accordance with this agreement.