Born To Be Epic

We’ve made it all the way through to week 4, can you believe it?

We learnt how to construct the perfect resume and cover letter, we discovered exactly how an employer expects you to present yourself for an interview, we learnt the best answers to give during the interview and finally - this week we’re diving in to learn about how to have the best first week on the job ever.

You’ve got the job, and now we’re going to help you get through your first week. You’ll learn how to prepare for your first day, how to have a great relationship with your boss and even the skills you need to make yourself irreplaceable.

It’s time to become one with your new work squad!

This week's checklist:

  1. First, take the Career Quiz and figure out what you were born to do
  3. Catch up on what you missed out on last week and the week before
  5. Then check out this helpful content on what it takes to champion your first week of the job:
  6. Now it’s also time for you to spread your wings and fly, fly to the Skillsroad Jobs Board where you can use all your new skills to apply for the job of your dreams.

You’ve now been with us for the entire Born To Be Epic Journey - but the fun is not over yet! You can revisit any of this month’s content by clicking the relevant link below and keep the party going by heading on over to the Skillsroad Jobs Board.

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