What To Do This Easter Break

What To Do This Easter Break
23 March 2018    Tammy Sofranic    0 comments
A special time of the year is coming up for all of those who celebrate Easter! 

In the upcoming days, a lot of us will find ourselves eating lots of chocolate bunnies and eggs, catching up with friends and fam and soaking up all those Easter vibes. Even more good news is that most people, either in school or at work, will have some time off. 

You don't have to go international to have fun, there is a lot happening Australia wide! Here are a few ideas on how you can best spend the upcoming break.

Escape the City and Explore

The Easter break is the perfect time to head out of the city and explore our vast land, there are plenty of road trips you can do overnight and for relatively cheap if you are able to do your research. Motels or accommodation at the local pubs where you are going are a great way to save cash and be immersed in the local scene for a night or two. Remember though, Easter is a busy time for travellers so make sure you book in advance to avoid missing out on your cheap accommodation. Even with a chocolate bunny on hand you don’t want to be sleeping in the car!

Camp it out

Talk about that Automn weather - not too hot and not too cold, just perfect to be out and about. Time to get your cork hat out, pitch a tent, build a fire and camp underneath the stars. This really isn’t something you should wing though, so make sure you are prepared with everything you will need to spend a night or two outside in the wilderness. Camping is a lot of fun and if you don’t have a friend who plays a guitar then find one, because what is the point of toasting marshmallows without some cords being played around a campfire.

See what’s hot in your city

If your ideal Easter weekend is Netflix and chilling around your city, then fear not, because there is a lot of things you can find in the city too. Think beaches, national parks, zoos, bars, pubs, fancy brunch spots, museums, and so much more. 

To find about events specific to your city or suburb, have a look through The Urban List or TimeOut.

Go interstate

After a long and challening year behind us, we can finally say that restrictions are easing and that the situation is slowly stabilising nation wide. However, even with that said, please carefully research and take cautious measures before you head interstate. Check the official websites of the states or the governement to be sure you are up to date with restrictions in place. 

If all is good, let the adventure begin! Back in the days we were always in a rush to get overseas and explore the world but often forgot that some of the most amazing places to eat, see and explore are right here in our very own backyard. Why not book a cheeky flight to your neighbouring state or even further and relax, rejuvenate or explore in a new city? There are still some cheap flights available for the Easter weekend so grab your buddies and get planning. 

Still no idea what to do during the break? Get a head start and take the CAREER QUIZ to find out what careers best match your skills! 


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