Activities You Can Do with Your Squad on the School Holidays

Activities You Can Do with Your Squad on the School Holidays
8 January 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
With 6 weeks of mucho relaxo up your sleeve it’s easy to get a little board over the school holidays. There is only so much Netflix and sleep one can handle so why not get your squad together and make plans to do more these school holidays. It’s Summer, there’s a vibe in the air and you can make some epic memories with your crew that will last a lifetime.Check out my top picks for vibing with your tribe these school holidays! 

1. Go on a road trip 

Is there anything better than taking off on the open road and discovering new places? Nope. A road trip is a great way to spend some quality time with your buddies, there’s nothing like exploring new places and finding some adventure along the way. Head off for the day or stay somewhere overnight, don’t forget snacks, to fill up petrol and to make a playlist for the drive!

2. Strike Bowling

If you’re competitive then this is one for you! Bowling is seriously underrated, I’m a huge fan, I love the shoes, the snacks and of course getting strikes! Strike bowling is a fun way to hang with your buddies, team up and try and beat each other’s scores. There is a bowling alley in pretty much every major city and it’s a fun and inexpensive way to hang with your crew these school holidays

3. Head to the beach

Salt, sand, surf – yep, I’m sold. Organise a beach adventure with your besties and spend the day tanning, swimming and eating ice-cream! I also take my portable speaker so I can listen to music while I’m working on my tan, don’t forget to slip, slop, slap and swim between the flags, especially if you aren’t a confident swimmer. 

4. Luna Park or an Amusement Arcade 

Get the adrenalin pumping with rides and games these school holidays, I love Luna Park, it’s great to run around and be a kid again. There’s plenty of opportunities for photos and if you’re really skilled you may even leave with a big stuffed toy! For those of you not Sydney based try your luck on the skill testers, racing car games and basketball hoops at your local arcade. Did someone say Daytona?! 

5. Check out some local events on in your area 

There is always a heap to see and do locally, you just have to know about it! I love online blogs like Concrete Playground, The Urban List and Broadsheet, they have their pulse on what’s going on Australia wide and give you a run-down of what to expect, locations and costs. Join their mailing lists so you get weekly updates on what’s happening in your area so you and your squad can go along. 

Image credit: Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels 

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