What To Do These School Holidays

What To Do These School Holidays
20 April 2018    Tammy Sofranic    0 comments
Brace yourself for 2 whole weeks of fun, zero responsibilities and waking up without an alarm – hooray!

However, doing nothing gets old quickly. So in addition to that extra sleep, its a great time to try something you have never done before or visit a place you have never been to. That way, you will have more fun, but also a few adventures to brag about once you are back in school. 

So it’s time to make a holiday action plan, create new memories and make these school holidays your best yet!

Here are some things you could do. 

Start a short course or master a hobby

There is no time like the present to brush up on your skills in something you love doing and learning about. Alternatively, spend more time on a hobby you have been putting off. There are many options for online courses, such as mastering the art of Photoshop or dabbling in Interior Design or whatever else you are drawn to. 

Jump online and check out what is happening in your city

There are loads of school holiday activities happening all over Australia you just have to know where to find them! Jump on google and have a look see and what is happening in your city, if you are a foodie or just like random adventures then there are some great blogs like Concrete Playground and The Urban List where you can search your city and see what’s happening while you’re off on school holidays.

Head to the cinemas, buy a large popcorn and frozen coke and live a little

If you are craving to zone out, going to the movies might be the best thing to do. With plenty of movies coming out, pick and choose the one genre that you like best. Not to mention that this supports the hard-hit entertaining industry.

Head off on a staycation

Grab your buddies and heat to stay overnight somewhere cool, you could camp, stay in a hotel or even just crash at each other’s places for the weekend. It’s the perfect time to hang with your friends, let some steam off and chat about life in general. 

Netflix til your little hearts content

This is the perfect time to binge watch your ALL your favourite series with zero guilt. No need to explain all the possibilites out there.

More importantly, if the weather does not allow you to spend much time outdoors, Netflix always has your back. Ask family or friends for recommendations, and you can chat all about it after. 

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