Rafael Ruiz - Travel & Lifestyle Blogger

Rafael Ruiz  - Travel & Lifestyle Blogger
26 April 2016       0 comments
The Blogging world is ever expanding and more and more we’re seeing male bloggers becoming just as popular as female bloggers, but what does it take to become one? How does someone get started? We sat down and chatted to Rafael Ruiz, a Travel & Lifestyle Blogger who’s based in Sydney to find all this out.
Name : Rafael Ruiz
Position : Travel & Lifestyle Blogger
Company [Team] : Travel & Lifestyle

How did you get into your line of work?

I guess it all started with my upbringing and work life. Parents from Peru, South America, born in Singapore and we (as a family) have always travelled a lot and lived in hotels for a number of years. No surprise I ended up working in the hotel and tourism industry in Marketing and Public Relations.
The light bulb moment hit when I was having dinner with friends – you know, those dinners where we all take bragging rights to what we have done in our holidays or epic experiences. Well, a storyteller was born.

How long have you been in it?

I started my blog late 2014 and its original focus was to show my travel experiences – where to stay, eat and play.
With a 9 to 5 job it made it a little difficult to go on spontaneous escapes, so I decided to expand my writing. We all live different lifestyles, whether you enjoy musical theatre, going to festivals, hitting the newest restaurant or bar - this was mine.

What do you find rewarding about it?

I enjoying the writing and exploring new places with new friends.
The reward for me is to be accepted and be acknowledged – I hope that by reading my blog or following my Instagram inspires other people to do the same. That is, being yourself.
Of course, sometimes I do get camera/people shy when someone recognises me or vice versa.

Every job has its perks! What would you consider to be the three best bits of your chosen career?

Top 3 best perks – tough one.
  1. Travel – going on a travel trip is the full package. You get to hop on a plane, bus or train, stay at a hotel, explore the local area, try something new and meet other people on the trip. If it is just me, then I’ll make the time (in advance) to try and meet up with other travellers through my social media.
  2. Celebs – haha, not quite the celebs you are thinking of, I mean Instagrammers, bloggers, social media influencers. By attending events or trying to organise a catchup with inspiring people and wanting to learn from them.
  3. The biggest thing for me is to have fun. To enjoy what I do with friends and have the freedom to meet and discover the pocketful of amazing people in different areas.

Likewise, every job has its own unique challenges, can you share a little about three of these?

  1. I am one person - writing content, editing photos and posting on social media all does take time. It is a particularly hard when you have a full-time job and your night sleep during the week are limited.
  2. Wouldn’t call it a challenge, but more “need to break out of my shell”. Networking, when I don’t have a plus one, nor see anyone that I know, I become an introvert and shy away. In this line of work, you need to shine and introduce yourself, as you never what opportunities will come out.
  3. The biggest challenge that everyone wants to know is. How do you make money? I am still learning and do have some revenue coming through. But how to build my brand to the next level to have a stable income.

What's your dream project?

There are far to many ‘dream projects’, but there is one I would love to do. I would love to work on a YouTube video with a roaming travel blogger for 2-3 weeks and create a travel guide for people to purchase. That couple is Ben Brown and Nicole Eddy.
What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into your line of work?
  1. Embrace in what you love, take that leap of faith and give it a go. I am a big believer of exploring your creativity.
  2. Perhaps look for people you admire and have an interest in. Get in contact and see if you could do some work experience.
  3. Be unique and have fun with it. It Don’t give up, it’s not as easy as you think.

What's in your work bag/hand bag and how do they relate to your daily life at work.

I don’t tend to carry a bag often – unless I have the need for it. I like to travel light. But..
  1. My new iPhone 6s Plus – yes I was a late bloomer. Mainly to take photos and mini-video clips of where I am. Ahem… Snapchat
  2. My Sony NEX-5T, it is a hybrid digital SLR/compact camera. I am starting to try out some vlogging and of course taking photos.
  3. Dorky as it sounds, but a stack of business cards. You never know whom you will meet and its always good to remind them and get in touch.

When studying, working or looking for work, we can face challenges, rejections and setbacks at different times. How do you deal with these experiences and pick yourself back up?

Before blogging, I actually wanted to write for a travel or lifestyle magazine or even work for a television studio. Not quite yet and still haven’t received a response (its been 2 years). But that’s OK, I do enjoy practicing yoga and more importantly catching up with friends for dinner. Talking to someone helps me vent.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Haha, I wanted to become a Hilton or a Trump – is that even a job? Hear me out, I wanted travel the world, build hotels and live in them.

Three things you can't live without?

My phone to stay connected to the world, my friends to help ground me or take me out on an adventure and my MacBook Pro, where my spirit fingers do the talking.

Three words that describe you?

  1. The nice guy/gentleman (that’s what every says)
  2. Creative
  3. Fun

Are there any passions outside of work that inspire you, motivate you or challenge you and why?

People inspire me and I will always challenge myself to learn and grow from them.
Friends keep me humble and make me laugh to let me know that I’m doing great.
Social Media
Website: www.travlifestyle.com
Instagram: @travelwithraf
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Snapchat: travelwithraf

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