How to create a study space at home

How to create a study space at home
25 July 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Vibes are everything when you are studying, and your study space needs to Namaste AF because this is where the magic happens, this is the place where you will put pen to paper or type away at your keyboard for hours on end, it’s the place where you will finish your assignment, study for hours on end and cram for your exams.
It is the place where you may feel a little lost and also feel elation when your essay is just rolling from your brain to the computer and you know you are going to get killer marks. This is your place to excel, so the space you choose to do all of the above in needs to be perfect.

Think about when you are growing a plant, or partaking in a science experiment, the environment is everything and so it must also be for your study space or study sanctuary as I like to call it. Here are my top tips for creating a study space when you can get your best work done.

Leave your phone in another room

On average we check our phones 85 times a day, yup 85 TIMES. Isn’t that insanity? So if you are looking at creating a cohesive and top notch study environment then your phone and any other distractions need to be far away. It is super easy to glance at the message that just came through or get lost in the Instagram vortex to take your mind off studying for a mini break but this is detrimental to your studying so the phone has to go. The world won’t end while it’s away from you for a few hours, I promise.

Prepare your desk for your study sesh

Clear your desk of any clutter so you can start fresh, fill a 2 litre water bottle and make yourself a small snack to nibble on, also ensure you have the folders, pens and study notes you need so you are ready to go.

Find your jam

Studies show that listening to music, white noise or rain can greatly reduce stress while studying so if that works for you charge up your UE boom and get yourself ready for lockdown.

Consider your lightening options

Sure natural light is fab but not always doable so it’s important you get the right light in your study space. You don’t want the light to be too harsh or you’ll strain your eyes so it’s important you find the right balance that works for you.

Are you hot or cold?

Equally as important as light is the temperature of your study space so make sure you are warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer to be able to concentrate and be calm. Uggies are a great studying partner in winter, as is a water bottle. Also ensure you are getting up from your desk and stretching at least hourly

Go green

Fill your study space with greenery and succulents, not only will it purify the air but they are great to stare at blankly when you are feeling a little lost in what you are studying. OK, that was a joke but seriously plants just make you happy so ensure you’ve got your favourites in your study space.

They’re not a distraction if they motivate you right?

Though posters and photos can be distracting they also have the potential to motivate you so if a photo of your family and friends reminds you to succeed include that in your study space as well.
Your study space is your sanctuary, a place you look forward to hanging in and a place where you feel comfortable spending hours on end studying and learning. Remember that many features of a room can affect your mood like lightening, temperatures or smells so if you love the scent of a candle, get it. If you want an expensive study chair, buy it and if you want to do your best work then create a sanctuary you love to spend time in and you’ll never hate being there. (Well mostly, maybe not at 1am when you are mentally drained and off your studies but you get my gist)

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