Home Style on a Budget

Home Style on a Budget
19 August 2015    Arrnott Olssen    0 comments
A couple of weeks ago we gave your some cool tips on how to get your place looking its best on the cheap, we focused on the basic pieces that any new place would need.
This week we thought it was time to add a little personality to your space, but don’t worry it’s not going to break your budget because we found a place that’s both affordable and right on trend.
We’ve picked five cool on trend items for the Gents & five for the Ladies & we’re pretty sure it going to impress and everything you need is from Kmart, and even better you don’t have to leave your house as you can order everything online!


For the gents we’ve gone with a Nautical & Natural theme, start off by anchoring the room with - The Round Mirror for $19 and for a little Wall Art how about a Decorative Oar for $9.

Add a little light to the space with the Uber cool Director Floor Lamp at only $69, add a bit of comfort with a cool printed pattern Bean Bag – Triangle priced at $25 & a natural vibe side table with the Wire Table – Natural for $29.


For the ladies we’re playing around with White, Blue & Metallic tones creating a calm space with accents of colour.
Start with the Rectangle Beveled Edge Mirror for $29 to anchor the room, and then add a little vibrancy with some colour by adding the Watercolour Canvas $14.

This rose/gold copper & wood floor lamp is just the thing to add some light to your space Luminoso Floor Lamp $49, for a little earthiness the Terracotta Garden Stool - Triangle Pattern for $35 is perfect & finally for Retro vibe the Acapulco Replica Chair – Blue $39.

This is only just the beginning, as you come across cool pieces on your travels that catch your eye - buy it and pop it into your space, be brave, be adventuress & have fun.

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