Five Budget Ideas to Style up Your Pad

Five Budget Ideas to Style up Your Pad
5 August 2015    Arrnott Olssen    0 comments
Since we have being focusing on Interiors and design this week, we thought we’d put together a few ideas that would make anyone’s apartment look a million dollars without spending a lot.

1. Rug

An awesome rug will anchor any room and create a central space where you can place your couch and chairs, creating a comfortable and inviting living area.

This bold a bright colour or a cool pattern like this one from Ikea, the FERLE  Rug, low pile, dark blue, white for only $59 .

1. Rug

2. A Cool Coffee Table

Who said you had to spend a lot of money to get a cool coffee table?

I made mine five years ago by putting wheels on a shipping palette.

You can take inspiration from that idea like in the picture, or come up with some other cool idea.

Who knows it could turn into a little business and even better it’ll only cost you some wheels and your time, the rest can be sourced from companies who no longer need their used pallets.

2. A Cool Coffee Table

3. White Dining Table

Forget about buying brand new, scour your local Opp Shop [ Salvos, St Vinnies etc ] for a used table, purchase a little can of white paint and boom you’ve got your self a fantastic dining table.

4. Colourful Dining Chairs

To accompany your  fresh white dining table you’ll need some chairs, while you’re scouring the Op Shops for a table to paint up have a look for different kind of dining chairs. Think different colours, shapes,  sizes etc  If you wanted to you could paint them whatever colours you want, pop around your white table and its sure to impress.

4. Colourful Dining Chairs

5. Funky Lamp

Finally you’ll need some lighting to add a bit of warmth and bring everything together, and a funky lamp always gets the conversation started.

We’ve found a cool lamp at Target  and at only $40 the Marquee Anchor will ass some character ton your pad, without costing you an arm and a leg.

5. Funky Lamp

With just a little effort you can make the simplest of places pop, and you’re sure to Impress you friends and family.

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