Tips to save money

Tips to save money
13 June 2019    claudia anisse    0 comments
Need some bucks to keep your budget in the black? Behold your new favourite list!

tips to save money

Sell your stuff

  • Clean out your closet. If you’re just not feeling the love anymore, flog your threads for cash. You can do this online, or find clothing exchange stores in your area. Check out Carousell, eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Buy Swap Sell groups (search for “Buy Swap Sell [insert your area here]”), Instagram (could become a side hustle!), Etsy, and apps like ThredUP and Depop.
  • Swap clothing items with your friends for a wardrobe refresh.
  • Sell old stuff like books, games, guitars or appliances to make some extra cash.

Eat smart

  • Make your own lunches to take to work.
  • Live in a share house? Make communal meals a thing two or three times a week, where everybody contributes. Bonus: you’ll know exactly what’s going into the food you eat because you made it, and you’ll probably be cutting down on calories if you do so.
  • Buy the wonky looking fruit and vegetables – they cost less! And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. Look for Harris Farm’s “Imperfect Picks”, Woolworths’ “The Odd Bunch”, and Coles’ “I’m Perfect”.
  • Shop for food that’s just before or on their sell-by date – it’s often much cheaper.
  • Make a grocery shopping list – it will help you stick to what you need and control impulse buys. There are apps for that, too!
  • Use all the food in your fridge and cupboards before buying new groceries – it will help you be more creative in pulling meals together, AND cut down on food wastage, AND save you money. Triple threat.
  • Eat more vegetables! It’s cheaper than meat.

Shop around for better deals

This works for clothing, electronics, your power bill… Do the research, save some money!
  • Keep checking your bank accounts to make sure they’re not hitting you with sneaky fees or lowering the interest you earn on your savings.
  • Keep an eye on your mobile phone contract and data usage.
  • Join customer rewards systems at stores where you shop often.
  • Buy second hand. “Can I have your granddad’s hand-me-downs?”
  • Impulse buyer? Use our Savvy Spending questions to help you make a decision.

If it ain’t broke… don’t replace it.

Become part of the “right to repair” movement – instead of trashing broken stuff, get it repaired. Way better for the environment, too.

Take a hike

Stressed and feeling the urge to shop? Go walk around the block. Exercise helps you cope with stress better, and it’s good for you. It’s also sustainable – once you make it a habit. Bonus: hot bod, great health, less money worries.

Nifty tips

  • Pay your bills on time to avoid any late fees.
  • Cut up your credit cards now! Do it!
  • Cancel any memberships or subscriptions you don’t use.
  • Don’t use AfterPay – buy items only when you can afford the full price right away. It’s easy to get carried away with AfterPay, so take great care if you do use it.
  • Share a Netflix/Stan account if you live with other people – and split the costs.
  • Start a coin jar – throw all your silver and gold coins into a retro piggy bank every day. The coins build up really quickly and can be used for a nice treat, or can even get you through an unexpected cash-strapped week.

Curb your enthusiasm

  • Impulse buyer? Calculate the hours it took you to earn the money you’re about to spend. SCARY.
  • Don’t make big purchases instantly. Think them through.
  • Shop out of season, or wait for sales!

General hacks

  • If you’re artistic, creative or crafty, consider hand-making gifts for friends and family.
  • Bookworm? Use your local library. Only buy the books you really want and will keep forever. (Yes, we bookworms are still out there!)
  • Bored? Look for interesting free events such as concerts in parks, light shows, public readings and talks, free museum exhibitions etc.
  • Be the designated driver – you’ll save money on drinks, and keep your friends safe, too.
  • Reuse whatever you can.

What are your favourite money tips? Let us know!

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