Ten jobs that didn't exist before the Internet

Ten jobs that didn't exist before the Internet
29 October 2019    Donnay Torr    0 comments
Lolcats, SpongeBob gifs, purple shampoo TikTok challenges and the Floss Dance: if it weren’t for the existence of the Internet and the World Wide Web, we’d have none of these iconic cultural moments. So on Internet Day, let’s say thank you to the guys who flicked the first metaphorical “on” switch way back on 29 October 1969... After all, these ten jobs (and many, many more!) would not have existed without the Internet.

Esports competitor

Esports, or competitively taking part in organised, multiplayer video game tournaments, have really started to annoy loads of people who’ve become too used to complaining about “kids today spending too much time glued to their screens”. Because really, how can they now claim that sitting on a couch playing video games has no actual career prospects? And if they ask you “what are you doing with your life?!” you could simply answer that you’re getting ready to rake in the big bucks, similar to guys like Fortnite Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf.

Seems legit.
The eSports explosion has even lead to certain schools and Universities offering courses and programs that support students who are interested in forging a career in competitive online gaming. One recent example is Chisholm Catholic College, who offer competitive online gaming as an extra-curricular activity and alternative to the usual roster of sport. Esports is rapidly becoming accepted as a legit career path, and is only set to grow in future.


Ah, influencers… Encouraging us to buy all kinds of stuff that may or may not be useful, but usually looks pretty cool when showed off on Instagram. Successful influencers have a lot of power, influencing their followers to engage with brands, goods or experiences they might not have bothered with before. And that’s why brands flock to influencers, often giving them loads of free stuff in the hopes that it will up their business’s bottom line. Nice job if you can cut it, right? But the shine has started to fade: social media users are becoming increasingly savvier about when they’re being marketed to, and when an influencer is being fake. One false move, and you could lose loads of followers and brand endorsements. Also, it gets a bit tiring to curate your life so perfectly 24/7.

Don't make any sudden moves.

Social Media Manager

If you’re a brand, and you’re not on some kind of social media, do you even exist? Social media managers have to balance what the brand needs (“buy our stuff or do the thing!”) with what followers/ fans/ stans (and even sometimes enemies) of the brand actually want. This is an extremely tricky balancing act that goes on 24/7, and many brands get it dead wrong. But when they get it right, iconic social media magic happens. If managing unruly communities of wayward people (in the office AND online) sounds like something you’d enjoy, this job could be for you.

Podcast Producer

Research done by the peeps at YPulse suggests that millennials and Gen Zs are increasingly listening to podcasts, and that they don’t mind some brand mentions or ads while listening, as long as the content is good. What do they listen to? Mostly comedy podcasts, followed by music and interview-style podcasts. Lot’s of sport stuff, too. So if your friends think you’re funny and you have something to say, it might be time to become a Pod(cast) Person…

Uber Driver

Uber is an app-based ride-hailing company, so if apps didn’t exist, they wouldn’t exist, and if smartphones didn’t exist, apps wouldn’t exist, and if the Internet didn’t exist, smartphones would be dumbphones, and so on and so forth… Uber was only founded in 2009, but has grown to become one of the world’s most valuable start-ups. It’s also branching out to deliver new types of services, such as Uber Eats or the viability of self-driving cars…

YouTube Content Creators

Video-blogging (or “vlogging”) is a viable career, people. But you know this already. YouTube stars attract millions of dollars through advertising, social media management and sponsorship deals, so start finding your niche and polish up your on-camera persona: it’s time to make some money! (It does help if you’re staying in some random old camper van living a low-key but visually appealing lifestyle, though...)

It's only a matter of time.

App Developer

Talking about apps: the iPhone arrived in 2007, and the Android shortly after, and these days more than 5 billion people have mobile devices, with over half that being smartphones. We fill our phones with all kinds of apps to help us figure out the weather, find our way, watch our weight, do our banking and keep our mental health on track. There are loads of opportunities for new apps, so becoming an App Developer could be just the career to look into.

Data Scientist

With so much data and big chunks of our personal information sloshing about on the World Wide Web, people who can analyse and process the information to make some kind of sense and use of it (from improving people’s lives in small but significant ways to figuring out how to make us buy more stuff) are in high demand. If you have a good head for numbers and find it easy to make interesting and sometimes unusual connections between different types of information, this is the job for you.

Get it?

Celebrity Cat Owner

If it weren’t for the Internet, lolcats wouldn’t be a thing. So, on behalf of all cat-lovers everywhere, THANK YOU! Several cat owners have managed to make a lot of money off their cute pets, but the best example is probably Grumpy Cat. Actually named Tardar Sauce (yes, really), this little cat was born with a terribly grumpy-looking face, caused by an underbite and female dwarfism. She became the mascot for all grumpy people everywhere, made a lot of money for her owners, and the world mourned when the little cat died in May this year. So put your furball to work – there’s cash to be made and fame to be cultivated!


Cyber Security Expert

These are the guys who have to make sure that systems and networks are bug- and hackproof to keep our private information and data safe… Because as mentioned above, we keep on giving away loads of random information about ourselves, and if it falls into the wrong hands it can be used in various ways to commit cybercrimes and make our lives a living hell. (Identity theft, anyone?) Data security is becoming increasingly important for both individuals and big businesses, so becoming a cyber-security expert is a good career choice. You’ll spend your time testing systems and networks for weaknesses, monitor them for attempted breaches, and dealing with any issues found. Most companies need cyber security experts, because all of them have to keep some kind of data safe.
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