Broke? Here’s 6 ways to still have fun on a budget

Broke? Here’s 6 ways to still have fun on a budget
19 October 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
We’ve all sent that dreaded text once in our lives, “I can’t make it I’m broke”. Life is fun, but very expensive and sometimes paying the bills and rent has to outweigh the fun you could be having on the weekend with your mates. 
Sure, you may get a bit of FOMO watching everyone’s Insta stories but you don’t have to choose between having a social life and saving money – you can do it all, you just have to think outside the (money) box.

1. Check out free events happening in your city

There are so many incredible websites like , The Urban List, Concrete Playground and Timeout just to name a few that have SO MANY free and awesome things happening in your city at any given time. Join up to their mailing lists and the good times will roll into your inbox weekly.

2. Organise a picnic in the park

It’s warming up so it’s time to swap your jeans for jean shorts and get outdoors. Even if you are on a budget, you still have to eat right? So get your mates together and organise a little BBQ or a picnic in the park. To make it cheap for everyone delegate each person to bring something different, put Jane on salads, Bob on meats, Max on the roast chicken and Sally on the utensils and drinks. You can bring the banter and the UE boom for tunes. See.... FREE.

3. Hit your friends up if you need a loan

We always say a friend will help you move house, bring you petrol if you break down because you haven’t filled up or lend you $50 if you are completely broke. So, lean on your buddies when you need it. A loan is a loan though so make sure you pay it back so you don’t break their trust and things get super awkward, plus, they’ve done you a favour so pay up! 

4. Skip the dinner and just catch up with everyone after 

Dining out can be expensive as hell, especially if everyone is drinking and on the margaritas. So politely decline dinner and just catch up with the crew after, that way you don’t have to embarrass yourself by ordering the side salad and asking for refills of free waters and then, you still get to hang out with your buddies. Or on another thought, just catch them for dessert, that’s the best part of eating out anyway. Winning!

5. Take advantage of your uni campus 

There is always a heap of activities going on at uni so take advantage of the sport events and social nights that might be happening. There is sure to be live gigs, and trivia nights you can crash, plus you get bonus points if there’s free finger food. 

6. Stay in; no one cares if you don’t go to the party (except you probs)

Give yourself a weekend off, and have some down time. Binge watch your favourite Netflix series, finish that book you’ve been putting off, head to the beach or catch up with family (one thing’s for sure, they’ll always feed you). Do your best to stay off social media and group texts so they can’t twist your rubber arm.

Photo by Jessica Castro on Unsplash

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When she isn't writing for Skillsroad you can find her at the beach with her dog Levi or working on her Social Media Company We Are The Hunted, shooting (and eating) food for her hospitality clients.


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