How to Plan Your Week for Success

How to Plan Your Week for Success
11 October 2017    Phil Cookson    0 comments
Often a friend will ask me what I’ve been up too, and though my days and weeks are back to back I can very rarely give them a definitive answer. Life flies by so quickly, we spend our days scrolling through social media, working long hours, eating dinner, watching TV and doing it all over again.
The one thing I believe we truly take for granted is time, it’s so easy to get lost for weeks on end in our favourite Netflix series and we spend way less time with friends and family than we should, we get bogged down by work and the routine of day to day life that it is easy to forget to make time to do the things that make you feel good! So there’s no time like the present to shake it all up and plan ahead to ensure we are maximising our time.  Here are my top tips for planning your week for success, happiness and efficiency.
  1. Prioritise your tasks and make a to-do list for the week ahead

Late Friday afternoon before you log off for the weekend is the perfect time to do this, list all the tasks you have to get done and then prioritise them by ranking them in order of most important to least important. This will ensure you have time to prepare prior to starting work Monday, you will 100% stress less knowing what you have to get done, what needs to get done and how much time the tasks will take.
  1. Plan your week perfectly by scheduling each day

Now that you have prioritised your tasks and have your to do list ready it’s time to add everything to your calendar. I like to use a paper diary which is pretty much redundant these days but as I am a visual person writing it down helps me to remember wat I need to get done. Adding it to your phone or email calendar is also a great way if you need reminders about meetings and deadlines.It may also help to make sure you are doing set things on set days, eg if you get paid Thursdays that should be the day you pay rent and other bills, if you are always free Monday afternoons that could be the perfect time to schedule in some exercise. Routine will help you to remember and nail your to do list, also try to prioritise the big ticket to do things when you ae at your most productive and can give the tasks the most time.
  1. Grocery shop on the weekend

Eating healthy ad cheaply should be a priority when you are preparing for the week ahead, most of us are on a tight budget and eating out daily is not only expensive but time consuming.Spend 40 min on a Sunday getting your food shop done so you don’t have to do it after work during the week, you can now use that time to catch up with friends, read a book or going to a yoga session to start your week mindfully.
  1. Execute and tick off your to do list

Now you have everything planned out it is time to grab that to do list and get it done! Don’t stress if your day blows out here and there, just push that days tasks out to other days in the week, over time your time management skills will improve and you will wonder how you ever survived not having a plan in place. If you have your list on paper use a bright highlighter to tick each item off as you complete it, that way when you look at the page at the end of the day you can easily see how much you got done and reschedule anything you didn’t quite finish.
  1. Prioritise time to review, rejuvenate and reflect

What’s the point of getting all these tasks and chores done if you don’t take some time out to reflect and give yourself a pat on the back to celebrate your successes and achievements both personally and work related from the week prior. Take 30 min to review everything you have done over the past week and see if there are any tasks you still need to get done then schedule them for the next week, if tasks no longer matter then eliminate them from the list. Schedule some time in the coming week to do somethings that make you feel good, this could be as simple as getting a tan or doing a face mask at home, whatever it is it is important you keep an evening free just for some you time, it will put you in a better mindset and give you something to look forward to as your week starts to fill up again with appointments and deadlines.
Remember you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce, you have to make them count!
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When she isn't writing for Skillsroad you can find her at the beach with her dog Levi or working on her Social Media Company We Are The Hunted, shooting (and eating) food for her hospitality clients.


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