Life lessons we've learned from our favourite TV shows

Life lessons we've learned from our favourite TV shows
26 November 2019    Donnay Torr    0 comments
Admit it: you’ve binge-watched at least one TV series, procrastinating from studying and working and life while glued to the small screen… No judgement. We’ve done it too – and actually discovered a few things about life, the universe and ourselves along the way. Here are the life lessons we’ve learned from ten of our all-time favourite TV series.


Stranger Things is all things friendship in a nutshell. Lessons include that you should grow and change at your own pace (Will), that friends don’t lie (Eleven) and that having good friends can help you heal (Max and Eleven). It’s also important to hold yourself accountable for nurturing and protecting your close relationships. Being real with loved ones matters: Dustin and Steve, for example. They bring out the best in each other, but call each other out on their BS, too. And finally: people who celebrate your quirks and make you feel amazing about yourself are worth keeping close.

Bonus lesson: Knowing all the words to Limahl’s “Neverending Story” could quite possibly land you a date.

For real, though.


Riverdale has quite a few lessons around how to be a good friend, too. But there are two that stand out: overcoming your fears will make you happier, and judging others only leads to misery. Case in point: Archie is too scared to perform his music in public, and ends up doing it with the help of Josie and the Pussycats. But we bet he would have felt so much better if he’d just given it a shot… Even it if meant dealing with his stage fright head-on. And Betty’s mom is just constantly judging her every move. Are either of them particularly happy, or loving towards each other? Nope.

Bonus lesson: Emo is not out of fashion just yet. (We’re looking at you, Jughead!)

Guaranteed to be at next year's MCR concert.


This show very sneakily started teaching us all kinds of ethics lessons while we were giggling at Jason and crushing on Janet’s awesomeness. The Good Place basically teaches people (us) to become better people, and to consider how our actions affect those around us. Like, it’s never too late to change your behaviour for the better. Having empathy with people is a good thing. Thinking about your past actions and motives can help you break out of negative behaviour loops. Decision paralysis is a thing – and it’s bad for you!

Bonus lesson: Yes, frozen yoghurt really is kind of a bummer.



Secrets never stay secret for very long! If you’ve done something wrong, it’s better to ‘fess up before people hear about it from someone else. Also, GG really illustrated the power of technology and social media: what you put out there can really impact and harm people’s lives.

Bonus lesson: When in fashion doubt, just channel Serena Van der Woodsen’s attitude. Guaranteed to make you look fabulous no matter what you wear.

Alternative approaches to art.


Shows like Buffy and Charmed made it clear that women can be badass! These shows also told us that we are stronger when we stick with our friends and family: we don’t have to go through tough stuff alone.

Bonus lesson: Leopards CAN change their spots. Just take platinum-haired Spike as an example.
Gotta love Spike.


Duh, the title says it all… So many friendship lessons! But perhaps one of the sweeter lessons is to never give up on your dreams. We learned this one from Joey and Phoebe, specifically: Joey never gave up on his dream to become an actor, and Phoebe would sing to whoever would listen. They believed in themselves and did their own thing. That’s a win in our books. Phoebe, especially, just didn’t worry about what other people thought. A healthy place to be!

Bonus lesson: When trying to move a couch up the stairs, get professional help.

In life, you gotta pivot.


This wacky show is the gift that keeps on giving. The folks at Dunder Mifflin really know how to make the best of any situation, no matter how boring, stressful, bizarre, sad or mind-numbing it is. Somehow, they remain optimistic. (Well, some of them, at least.) That’s a good lesson for work and life: your 9 to 5 won’t be a bed of roses every day, or any day, even. But find ways to make the most of it, and add small quirks to your day to make it better.
Bonus lesson: Find beauty in the ordinary, everyday things. For real, though. Warm paper fresh out of the copier. The patterns dried leaves make on sidewalks. The aroma of popcorn in the office microwave (just remember to share!).

Solid life advice.


We’re all just specks of dust in an enormous universe – and frankly, we’re not that important. This is a gloomy yet freeing lesson. If we can stop taking ourselves and our own egos so seriously, we can start reaching out to others and doing good things just for the sake of doing them, not because there’s some kind of “reward” or because it “makes us look good”. It takes a load off your shoulders if you can see your problems in perspective, and gives you the energy to make the most of the life you do have. It also gives you the opportunity to discover people and places way beyond your comfort zone!

Bonus lesson: Seeing things in perspective also means not giving a fig if your nose is too big or if you’re wearing the right shoes. Who cares? Not the universe!

The moment when you realise your true scale to everything else.


It’s too early to pinpoint an overall “grand lesson” from The Mandalorian… But so far, it’s taught us one thing, at least: that we all need something adorable and cute in our lives. We’re looking at you, Baby Yoda!

Bonus lesson: Cuddle, you must.

Need... Donuts...


Ah, the brothers Winchester. They never give up, do they? And that’s the lesson, right there: no matter the monsters you face, no matter how many times you get punched in the gut by a bad-tempered werewolf, get up and try again. And when you feel like you’re reaching the end of your rope: ask for help. Don’t go it alone. There’s a reason why these two brothers do better when they work together. Family comes first, and you stick by those who love you.

Bonus lesson: Avoid all creepy houses everywhere. Seriously.

How about them Black Friday prices, huh?

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