5 Things You Need to Do Once You Finish Your HSC

5 Things You Need to Do Once You Finish Your HSC
8 November 2017    Lisa Clark    0 comments
It’s time to celebrate, you are one step closer to the next chapter of your life. The honest truth is you are going to have some days where you are like “what am I doing with my life” and that’s OK. There is a heap of stuff to do now you don’t have to go to school anymore like burning ALL of your study notes from the HSC (jokes) but on a more serious note here are some top ideas to look forward to now you are pretty much an adult. 
  1. Enjoy your holidays, break or gap year

    Bask in the glory that school is officially over! Whatever you choose to do next make sure you take a little time off for yourself to sleep in, eat junk food, hang with your friends and watch way too much Netflix. Life is about to get a hell of a lot more complicated so enjoy some R&R, you really have earned it. 
  2. Get your marks, read them quickly, then make a plan in a few days

    There is no point in making brash decisions when you receive your ATAR marks, there is going to be a heap of emotions (good and bad) swirling around in your brain, so my advice is to read your score then move on quickly. As you know from my previous articles I am a firm believer that your marks do not define you. Your marks are just one road to University or whatever it is you want to do, there are going to be a lot of roads along the way that will take to the same destination. You know you did your best, so do your friends and parents so whether you got what you wanted doesn’t really matter because you still are a legend who will do great things in this world. If you did get the marks you wanted then I also salute you, it’s been a long road and you deserve all the good things! 
  3. It’s time to earn some money honey 

    You won’t know yourself when that first pay check hits your account and now with all this free time on your hands there is no time like the present to get a part time job and start earning those dolla, dolla bills y’all. Money equals freedom and freedom equals good vibes, so I’m all about it. If you are planning on staying on campus for university this is the perfect time to start outing some money away for bits and pieces for the move, if you are staying at home but saving for a big ticket item like a car or European holiday then you should be saying yes to those extra shifts and working Sundays to get your bank balance looking healthy. Look into a high interest account that you can’t touch so you can get to your financial goal quicker, do your research here through Finder.
  4. Organise a celebration meal with your family and friends 

    You’ve reached this milestone in your life and why not celebrate it with some good company and great food. Planning on going to a local restaurant with the fam or feeling adventurous with your friends to find a new joint is a great way to gain closure from HSC. There’s nothing more satisfying than feeding your soul with good food! 
  5. Thank your teachers and then sell your work books 

    Without my teacher’s help and guidance through my HSC I don’t know if I would have finished to be honest! Teaming up with your class to buy a little sentimental gift or just going out of your way to say a heartfelt thank you to your teacher for their effort and support during the HSC will leave a memory for both you and them. Now, you have a bunch of text books that you will probably never use again, so why not make some quick and easy money by selling it to someone you know or making an ad on Gumtree. There is always someone out there looking to buy books at a discounted price!
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