Why You Should Consider Studying Online

Why You Should Consider Studying Online
21 May 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Online studies are a great way to make your degree work for you instead of working for your degree, studying online is becoming increasingly popular within the student community because of its flexibility and convenience.  Researchers have found that online courses are as equally effective as attending courses on campus, so what’s stopping you!?

Here are the top reasons you should be studying online:


Trying to find time to study between working full time and life in general can be quite overwhelming, studying online gives you the freedom to complete assignments and course modules in your own time. This gives you the ability to work around your life admin and commitments while still studying to get your degree.

Look, some of us just aren’t a people person

Attending university can be quite daunting, let alone adding on the extra stress of making new friends and dealing with lecturers who might just not be your cup of tea. Studying online eliminates those fears, and you are able to interact and participate with other students in forums rather than face to face which gives you the chance to focus more on your studies and less on your social life at school.

You can still travel

Yup, studying online gives you the freedom to still travel while completing your course. As long as your time management skills are on point, you have a laptop and strong wifi, you are pretty much good to study from anywhere! Hello Euro Summer!

There is flexible technology available to suit your learning style

Not everyone learns the same and when studying online this is taken into account, the content available is often far richer than traditional education methods, you have access to additional reading sources and presentation methods and there is bound to be something available that suits your learning style.

You have access to experts in your field without queueing after class

Time is everything and it can be wasted waiting for lecturers to get back to you or to answer your questions plus the rest of the people in your classes. Online help is readily available and your co-ordinator will get back to you through the online portal to answer any questions you may have without the wait time.

Complete the course in your own time

Bricks and mortar institutions traditionally have slow moving course structures, so by studying online you can chose to get your course done as quickly as you like and your time permits and let’s be honest it’s much easier to stay motivated when you are studying and learning in your own time at your own pace, it’s never been easier to find that work/study/life balance you have so desperately been searching for.

All in all, the positives far outweigh the negatives when studying online but every student is different and you need to see what works for you. If you think you will strive in an on campus environment then do that, you may need the routine and the motivation of the university campus to get the best results you can, so you do you! Just know there are options out there for all types of learning paths so way up the pros and cons and work out the best way to get your degree in a way that suits you!

Image credit: Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst
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