My Winter Essential List

My Winter Essential List
25 May 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Are you still in denial that it is indeed Winter? I am, I’m still trying to rock my favourite One Teaspoon shorts knowing full well as soon as I get into the shade I am going to freeze. So though I don’t want to admit it (or live it for that matter) the truth is it is time to prepare for the colder months, here are some ideas that are bound to keep you warm for winter. 

A heater for home

First check to see if you have a gas point inside, if you do go gas, electric heaters though warm are super expensive to run and you will notice a large spike in your electricity bill if you are using one during winter. Go old school, sleep with a water bottle, put flannelette sheets on the bed and invest in some warm PJs and bed socks.

Increase your fruit and vegetable intake

Those pesky colds and flus are waiting for you to get run down so they can run rampant during the winter months, so keep them at bay by increasing your intake of fruit and veg that will help to fight the bacteria. Stock up on oranges, ginger, blueberries, lemon as well as eating more salmon, also stock the cupboards with soup and teas to keep you hydrated and warm.

Hand warmers and wheat bags are a must have winter buy

If you are out in the eliminates a lot then hand warmers can be a great way to warm yourself up, they slip easily into your pockets and are a great way to fight off the winter chill. It is also said that if your feet and neck are warm then the rest of your body will be warm too. Wheat packs are also one of my favourite things to use in winter, try and get one with lavender in it so you can sleep with it and get a good night’s rest with the warmth of the wheat bag and the smell of the lavender keeping you calm and well rested.

Buy some new hoodies and jackets

Go on and treat yourself with a little winter wardrobe upgrade, there are plenty of deals about to start as the mid-year sales are about to kick off, so there is no time like the present to purchase some new winter weight clothing to keep you warm and looking stylish over the coming months. My must haves are; long sleeve basics, a turtle neck, puffer jacket, black jeans, a hoodie you love, a long jacket and a blazer. Remember to add extra warmth with the addition of beanies and scarves!

Get a throw for the couch

There is nothing quite like cuddling up on the couch with a blanket in the colder months so invest in a throw you can use when you are Netflix and chilling. It is also the perfect addition to your bed when the nights get really, really cold for some extra warmth and comfort. Kmart has some crackers, shop them here.

Now your winter warmer pack is set the only thing to do is to pack the tissues in case your sniffles get the worst of you and make sure you are resting if you start to feel a cold or flu coming on. Rug up, enjoy the freshness of the winter air and count down until summer arrives again (well I will be anyway!) on Unsplash
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When she isn't writing for Skillsroad you can find her at the beach with her dog Levi or working on her Social Media Company We Are The Hunted, shooting (and eating) food for her hospitality clients.


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