Why Women Should Work in Trades

Why Women Should Work in Trades
9 March 2021    Tammy Sofranic    0 comments
Most young women decide against a career in trades for various reasons, but long gone are the times when trade work was reserved just for men. These days, we can proudly say that women’s contributions to the trade industry are changing the future of the workforce.

If you contemplating a career in the trade industry, but feeling concerned about how your environment would respond to that, read on. Have a look at some amazing personal and professional benefits of working in trades and hear real life stories from women who are fiercly pursing their passions out there! 


Why pursue a career in trade?  

  • Professional growth – industry offers real, tangible, supported opportunities for growth and career progression, even into managerial roles.
  • Get movin’ – being on your feet or moving at work is healthier than sitting in front of a screen all day.
  • Work/life balance – in most cases you will have flexible working hours and conditions or flexible rostered work options where/if needed.
  • Family benefits – what’s not to love about this one?
  • Strong wages and benefits – equal remuneration.
  • Starting strong – by starting an apprenticeship in a trade you will get a foot in the door with training, learning on the job, gaining theoretical knowledge, certification and compensation with a competitive wage. Yep – that’s no student debt or hanging around on your own wondering what’s next. 
  • Help Australia - by improving the participation rate of women in the workforce, particularly in male-dominated industries like construction, research conducted by UNSW states, Australia could potentially increase its economic growth by $25 billion over the next 10 years.

Still not convinced? Hear out what these women already working in trade have to say.

1. Sarah Langer, 2nd year electrician with New Era Electrical Services 

“My favourite part about my job is getting to learn something new every day and the general electrical side of things, I love learning everything there is to know about my trade.”

Read the full interview with Sarah here.

2. Francesca O’Connor, 2nd year electrician with Sydney Trains

“I was looking for a job that wasn’t so much in the office, I want to be out and about, and I was really interested in gaining a skill. It’s really good to see that the managers and the people running the apprentice unit came to push taking more women on.”

Watch the full interview with Francesca here.

3. Toddi Todarello, 2nd year auto-mechanic apprentice at Frank’s Pitstop Automotive

“I do get to work on some pretty amazing cars. At Frank’s Pitstop we work on mainly Italian cars and also a lot of old cars come through the workshop. Anything from Fiats to Ferraris, so you can imagine it’s difficult to narrow down. I think some of my favourites are also some of the biggest headaches. Notably working on my first Ferrari (Dino) 308 gt4 was pretty special and I love working on old Fiats.”

Read the full interview with Toddi here.

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