5 Aussie TikTok Accounts you MUST Follow

5 Aussie TikTok Accounts you MUST Follow
12 March 2021    Tammy Sofranic    0 comments
Well happy Friday champ, you made it through the week! Weekend means more time to chill, do whatever you planned or maybe catch up with friends and fam. If you have no plans at all, don't stress, we got 5 TikTok Accounts to keep you entertained or maybe even teach you a thing or two.


Meissa is a queer Indigenous Australian of the Wiradjuri, Gomeroi & Awabakal peoples, and member of Aussie TikTok posting educative videos on Indigenous Australians’ cultures, makeup looks and rants about everyday life.


Who are you? @asmallrash @nichrichie ##whoareyou ##megtheestallion ##megthemfstallion ##billieeilish ##cardib ##coversforlovers ##perfectmatch

♬ Nardwuar Interview Clips - ♡︎


Albury icon Lannan Eacott got his start on YouTube, where he got big making vids about Fortnite. He then made his way to TikTok, where rather than making gaming content, he mostly does comedy, a lot of it about TikTok itself. His takedown of “TikTok gurus” is particularly great too. Check him out.

lemme know

♬ original sound - LazarBeam


Mocha is an Australian Pomeranian and an uprising social media influencer. When times are tough and you need some overwhelmingly cute content, turn to Mocha’s TikTok, where he dresses up as various decade fits, plays games and practices some self-care.


Emoji queen back at your service 😎👸🦄🐥

♬ Bagaikan Langit(cover) - N𝕙𝕖𝕔𝕖🇲🇨


Kayla Comarmond is an 18-year-old Sydney based TikToker making goofy vids about what she and real down to earth Aussies would be like in various situations.

I will never understand America... ##HeyAngel ##WorldPeace ##australia ##america

♬ original sound - Kayla Comarmond


Famous for his “Hip-Hop Granny” series he made with his grandma Huijin, Sydneysider Ricky produces heaps of hilarious videos and is a champion of wholesome comedy.

Granny's up to no good as usual 🤣 What do you think of her outfit? Show us your ##DeliveryDressDown ##spon ❤️

♬ Menulog Delivery Dress Down - Mashd N Kutcher

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