Best Places To Find Student Discounts

Best Places To Find Student Discounts
1 March 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
We all know how hard it is trying to make ends meet when you are a student, there are text books to buy, rent to pay and of course you have to treat yourself every once in a while, for all the hard work you are putting in! With a little research it is easy to save hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year on eating out, new clothes and travel just to name a few. Brands and companies are aware that there is a big market in students and have begun to skew savings and sales towards that, smart right, but even better for you as you reap all the benefits! So no longer is your student card just your ID on campus, it is now your direct line to savings galore!
Here are some fun student discount facts:
  • 64% of uni students want to receive emails about student discounts
  • 55% said that stores should post their student discounts prominently on their websites
  • 82.5% said that retailers should reach them through Twitter and Facebook
  • 38% say that on-campus marketing is the way to reach them
We’ve collated our top picks for the best student discounts online for fashion, travel and fun. Check them out below:


If you aren’t already a member of this online saving platform then you are missing out! It is your one stop shop for all things, fashion, beauty, food, technology and health and fitness. The discounts vary day to day but expect to receive discounts ranging from 10% off at ASOS to 50% off at Miss Guided for the next 72 hours, General Pants is also offering 20% off for the next few days. So if you have been outing off buying those new shoes or that dress for your cousins wedding then now is the time to join us and get the benefits of quite a healthy discount when you reach the checkout.

Apply for an ISIC card

Your Isic card is your ultimate student lifestyle card which gives you access to some seriously epic discounts across the travel sector, restaurants and online shopping.  The best part about this little card of gold is that is recognized globally so you can benefit from the discounts while travelling, or studying abroad. There are over 150,000 discounts on offer worldwide, so it’s sure to come in very handy while you are visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris or The Ruins in Rome.

Student Flights

All hail Student Fights, they really are at the top of their game when organizing the best flights, tours and trips overseas. They can tailor packages to suit your needs as well as offering some of the most competitive flights in the business, they were also my go to when booking Contiki and bus-about tours. There are also some really cool Gap Year volunteer packages available where you can send between 7 and 10 days volunteering in places like Borneo, Thailand and Sri Lanka working with Orangutans or Elephants. There are options to also go and teach overseas in places like India, Vietnam and Thailand. Honestly, the options are endless and if you are thinking about travelling for your gap year this may be a great way to see the places you have dreamed about but also do something good for the soul and mankind all at the same time!


We all love music and while we have seen Pandora and Sound Cloud disappear from the market Spotify is going from strength to strength! With your student discount you can get Spotify Premium for just $5.99 per month, what a bargain right! No more ads or interruptions while you are partying to your favorite playlist, just your favourite tunes on demand whenever you want them.

Image credit: Image from rawpixel from Pexels.
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