Paint your future right with Pantone Colour of the Year

Paint your future right with Pantone Colour of the Year
6 January 2021    Claudia Anisse    0 comments
So, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 was announced and we're totally blushing, because it feels like it's basically our calling: Yellow and Grey. Coincidence? We think not! Here's how you can make the most of these lucky colours and get on track for 2021 to paint your future right.

Sksksksk, what do these colours mean and what purpose do they have in your life?

For starters, get grounded

Yes, you heard us, it's time to ground your feet, stand yourself steady and take a deep breathe in. The colour grey can seem gloomy and dull, but in reality it's a solid, dependable and practical colour. Here's two examples, you don't know what to wear, you'll pull out that handy grey hoodie. You're stuck on making a hard call, you'll find yourself searching for a way out with an undecided grey answer. There is always a purpose for grey, and after experiencing a year like no other, we look towards finding resilience and purpose going into 2021. We realise this year that things in life are basically unpredictable and with that in mind finding a way forward with stability, reliability and certianity is front of mind. 

Where do you start?

Firstly, get your goals in order. Yep, goal setting is a thing and by doing it you make your life and the mundane day-to-day feel more useful and purposeful. Goals don't have to be big challenges, it can be as small as promising yourself to wake up at 6am each morning to go for a 15min walk before you need to leave the house to work. The value behind goals is by keeping yourself accountable. Because as you journey into adulthood, being accountable for your actions is the bane of your existance. You can't find a new excuse to hand in your assignment late anymore, and the earlier you kick into second gear, the easier things will become.

Alright so you're still reading and feeling a little lost as to how this can help you? Let's delve a little deeper.

Think skills. Think development. Think growth. 

Living in unpredictable times means you need to equip yourself properly so that you don't get left behind. Even if you're not 100% sure which career you might want right now, this doesn't mean you can't develop up your natural skills set.

Because remember: skills are transferable across any industry! 

We all have inherent strengths and “soft” skills that can help us become more agile: all we need to do is to start honing these tools; developing our existing strengths and skills and learning new ones as we go.
Disover yours now! 
Find your skills!

Looking towards the light for opportunities

Now that you've grounded yourself and your skills, it's time to look down the yellow brick road towards hope for the future, endless possibilites and a positive outlook on life.

This way friends, this way.
If Dorothy could work out her inner calling, so can you! Take this year to find the light and discover your passion, because let's face it - the sky's the limit these days with over 500+ careers and unlimited pathways, you can make any path your yellow brick road and achieve anything. 

They ultimate key to success is having self-confidence, self-belief and trusting in yourself. The moment you doubt what you're doing is the point in time you will find yourself feeling stuck and not knowing what step to take next.

Not sure where to start? We have put together some basic 101 self-care tips: 

  1. Building stronger relationships
  2. How to get your brave on
  3. The basics of looking after your mental health

Embrace the yellow

That's right legends, we've all had a rough 2020 and now that it's a fresh start we need to start this year with energy, positivy, hope and clarity. It's time to boost those spirits! So open the window, let the sun beam in, go chase some waterfalls, make new friends, take up a new short course you've been thinking about, read a new book, get lost on a random adventure, find a new walking trail, go on a road trip and get lost in a year full of excitment!

Because let's face it, lifes too short not to be happy and walk around with a smile. And like a sunflower, now is the time to follow the sun.


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