Uni Hack - How To Work Well In Group Assignments

Uni Hack - How To Work Well In Group Assignments
21 February 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Learning how to work as part of a team or group is an extremely important skill, and one that you will use and refine throughout your working life. Learning in groups means that you will need to share your knowledge and ideas with other students, some people find this easier than others as some are just naturally better communicators but that is a-ok, this article is about to point you in the right direction of how to work effectively on group tasks and assignments to ensure you and your team are getting the job done and getting the best results possible for your assignment.
Have a think about some of the skills you will need to ensure you are working well within the group, I’ve written some below to help with the thought process. 

Interpersonal Skills

  • You need to think carefully about your own ideas in order to explain them to others, so communication is key.
  • You will need to listen and take into account the ideas of others within your group
  • It’s important you build positive working relationships and accommodate people with different cultural orientations and work habits
  • Discuss and agree on tasks and resolve conflicts where needed

Process Management Skills

  • Identify group goals and how to delegate and divide work
  • Plan and comply a calendar with deadlines and a meeting schedule
  • Manage your time and the time of the group so you are working smarter not harder
  • Start a Whatapp group so you can chat through any ideas that come to mind and it will help you to stay in contact on the days you need to meet so everyone is across everything
  • Set up a Google doc drive and use Evernote so everyone is across the real time changes that are made

Skills for a Healthy Group Environment

  • Be open to getting to know each other and be listen to different viewpoints and ideas.
  • Trust is important as well, you will have to trust your group enough to share your ideas and feelings. It is also important to build trust so you know that whoever has been delegated to do a task shows personal accountability and you know they will get the job done.
  • You will need to show support to your team members, and help each other to accomplish your goals. You may even need to help members who are experiencing difficulties along the way, it’s important that you promote a team player environment and ensure the team doesn’t see each other as competitors but instead collaborators.
  • The group must respect each other’s feeling and opinions and not play the blame game if things go wrong, a good way to do this is to ask the team “what can we learn from this?” or “what would we do better next time?” Constructive criticism is a great way to get your feedback across without singling out any members of the team or blaming anyone.
Make sure everyone holds mutual responsibility and accountability for the task at hand, spend time problem solving and ensure you are organised. By being aware and implementing the above points you are sure to ensure that team work makes the dream work and get the marks you are after!

Image credit: Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels 
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