How to Get on Top and Keep on Top of Your First Semester at University

How to Get on Top and Keep on Top of Your First Semester at University
14 February 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
I’m sure you would have heard the phrase “Uni is the greatest time of your life” and indeed it can be but some students are bound to struggle with the huge change this new chapter in your life will bring. I have spoken to students who have felt homesick, overwhelmed and lonely which has in some cases led to anxiety and in the worst cases, depression. So firstly, always speak up if you are having any sort of feelings of feeling loss or extreme stress, there are so many people you can reach out within and outside off the Uni system who can help you through your semester to keep you on track and lighten the load and secondly use the below list as a little checklist of what you can get done in your first few weeks to month at uni to keep you on the road to smashing out your first semester.

Check these off in the first two weeks

  • I have successfully enrolled in my courses for the semester
  • I know how and where to find my classes 
  • I know who my School Administrative Officer, Program Director and First Year Coordinator are, what they do, and how to contact them
  • I have found and read my course profiles for each course
  • I have a copy of the academic calendar showing all of the uni key dates
  • I know when and how to pay my tuition fees
  • I have purchased/rented/borrowed my textbooks for each course

Check these off in the first month:

  1. ​I have worked out a personal timetable that gives me enough time to study, work, have some me time and hang with friends and family
  2. I know how to use the library for lending books and research
  3. I have me with my lecturers in person and attended study groups
  4. I have joined some clubs and societies to make and meet friends
  5. I know where to find support on campus regarding studies, careers, finance and welfare should I need it
  6. I have found a buddy (or 3) to pair up with so we can help each other out and study together
  7. I have attended all of my lectures and am up to date with all of my readings
  8. I know that if I need to take time off to realign I can
  9. I have been looking after myself mentally, emotionally and physically and I am sleeping enough
  10. I have looked onto short term exchanges, leadership positions and/or taking more initiative in class
  11. I am not embarrassed to ask for help or say I don’t understand something (because duh everyone will feel the same at some point)
  12. I am organised and have made an assessment timetable to make sure I have time allocated to study for all of my quizzes
  13. I am keeping things in perspective and framing my studies as something that enriches my life and friendships. My aim is to have fun with it!

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