Affordable And Fun Valentines Gift Ideas

Affordable And Fun Valentines Gift Ideas
12 February 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Love is in the air, that’s right, get out your diary and pencil in the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect day to reach out to that someone special you have been crushing on or show you love and appreciation for your babe by showering them with all of the luurrrvveee. If you’re single, don’t despair, it’s still a great time to take yourself on a date (think shopping, a yoga class or a facial at your favourite day spa) or hang with your friends that night, cook some dinner and have a laugh, love doesn’t discriminate! Here are some affordable and fun ideas to get you in the mood:

Nothing says I love you like a handwritten note

Sometimes feelings and thoughts are easier to write down, not only that but it’s a very special keepsake for your Valentine. Try to stay away from the old “roses are red” poem and use Tumblr, Beau Taplin or Nakita Gil to get the creative juices flowing. 

Roses are so last year so send a gift that really says I think you’re rad

Is just me or do you also think a roses a little adult? Plus, they double in price on Valentine’s Day so your money can be way better spent on something that:

a) isn’t going to die and
b) is wayyyyy cooler.

I love these little succulents from Little Succers (great name too), these can be delivered Australia wide and they are as cute as a button.  They’re perfect to live on your loved ones desk at work or to be taken home to be admired by dinner guests and they’re a bargain at around $35 per plant. 

Make a coupon book

We all know there are things our partners love doing that we aren’t so keen on so a thoughtful and cute gift could be to make them a little coupon book that they can use at their discretion. The best thing about this little book of tricks is that you will be doing things you don’t usually like doing for them and nothing says I love you like putting yourself out for your partner so it’s a win. Plus, they’ll have the whole year or 6 months (depending on your coupons terms and conditions to use them) CUTE! Get creative with things like “Attend a yoga class with you and drink a green smoothie” or “breakfast in bed, I’ll even clean up” – Trust me this is a winner!

Make a Spotify playlist of songs just for them

Did you know you can make your own playlists on Spotify? Well you can, so why not make one for your Valentine. Fill the playlists with songs you both love or the songs from gigs you have been to together and also add in some songs that remind you of your other half. That way they can be reminded of all of the cool things you have done together and how much you care on the way to work or on their evening walk with their headphones in. 

Make photo album of your time together 

You know the saying, a picture says a thousand words, well there is no time like the present to get all of your gorgeous pictures together and put them in a book for your Valentine. If you need a little help then kikki.K have the cutest books you can buy, where you can stick all of the photos in and fill in the pre written questions to say exactly what you love about that photo or your memory from that day when the photo was taken. Get your art on with coloured pens and stickers to make the book more personalized (you can get everything from the kikki.K website that you’ll need, check them out here)
Enjoy your day of love either with your other half, or your friends if you are single and remember that showing love makes the world a kinder place, so go out and make the most of February 14th!

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