Aussie As Memes, To Make You LOL

Aussie As Memes, To Make You LOL
15 February 2016    Arrnott Olssen    0 comments
When the last embers have gone out on the BBQ, the beaches have emptied and the doors of the pubs have closed, there’s nothing better than rounding off Australia Day celebrations than by enjoying some classic Aussie laughs.
The folk at Presto have compiled a list of some of the most memorable lines and catchphrases from the best Australian TV shows and films, for those in need of some inspiration for what to watch at the end of the day!
Whether you prefer a dose of Alf Stewart’s exacerbations, Priscilla’s outlandish ways, J’amie’s rule of school or Russel Coight’s navigation of the outback, Australia’s TV and film industry has always produced some classics that take pride in the country’s culture and sense of humour.
We’ve picked a few of our faves to share with you, let us know what your favourites are?




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