Why It’s Totally Normal To Drift Away From Your High School Mates

Why It’s Totally Normal To Drift Away From Your High School Mates
20 December 2017    Lisa Clark    0 comments
There are the hand written notes and the best friend forever tags in your books, you have memories of parties you went to and shopping together on the weekends. You hung at each other’s houses and talked about the future, you dreams, aspirations and holiday plans and then suddenly you finish school and catch ups never seem to happen, your bestie has a new boyfriend or girlfriend and you could be feeling a little lonely. 
Don’t despair this is all just part of growing up, those formative years at uni or that leap into the workforce means that you and your old friends have much less time to hang, sadly when life gets in the way and you may lose a few friends while you are taking different paths to adult hood. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t make your childhood friendships any less special, they just might not be given as much time to nurture as they would have in the past.
It’s much easier to keep friendships going strong when you are at school, you spend at least 8 hours a day in the same vicinity, there are lunchtime catch ups and you have so much to talk about like Mrs Andrews in English who is giving you a hard time or the hottie in the year above you are crushing on. When school ends you may find that you don’t have as much to talk about or that some of you have decided to travel while others stay put to start university or start a full time job and that is completely normal, and let me promise you something it happens to everyone.
The positive to this is that as you start to lose contact with friends from school you will begin to make new friends outside of your old friendship group, you will find excitement by hanging with new people from all walks of life and begin to listen to their hopes and dreams just like you did with your old school mates – and this in itself is an exciting time.
The best advice I can give you is not to burn any bridges, if friendship start to fizzle out then you have two choices; one to either fight for it or two feel solace in the fact that it has run its course. I’m a firm believer that your best, best friend will always be by your side it is mostly the inner circle of friends within a group that will begin to call less or make the effort to drive and see you. Don’t take it personally, it’s a scientific fact that relationships and friendships change after school a new study tracked 410 teens from 7th grade to year 11 and 12 to follow what happened to their friendships and it turned out that only 1% of friendships formed in 7th grade were still intact five years later. You will begin to see in time who your lifelong friends will be and the above study proves that it’s completely normal to switch up friend groups year after year so don’t sweat it, though the loss of some friends may be painful the truth is you are just growing up so embrace the change with open arms! 

Image credit: Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels 
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