How to beat the mid-year slump

How to beat the mid-year slump
10 August 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
We’re in August already and we just aren’t sure where the time has gone?! Feel like the school days are dragging out, and uni/TAFE classes just don’t want to end. Yes we know, because it’s part of catching the mid-year blues.  
 So it makes sense that we are all ready for a little mini getaway, because we are keen to get rid of the mid-year blues. Here’s how to beat them and make the last 4 months of the year your best yet!

Summer is coming

Ummm yassssss, salty skin, sand between your toes, lots of beach hangs with your friends and a tan. Oh how we miss that tan! There’s just something extra special about summer, the vibes just gear up a notch, the days are longer and you are more motivated to get out and do more. Shake the mid-year blues by planning some summer road trips with your friends and make plans to get that summer job you’ve been thinking about and remember summer bodies are made in winter so get back to training as soon as you can (yes this means slugging it out for a few months. 

Let’s talk about how awesome you’ve done this year already

OK, so get a piece of paper and write on it what you have achieved this year, it could be anything from doing well in your uni degree or something you have learned that you are proud of. Write down the fun nights you’ve had out and the amazing people you have met along the way, sometimes we need a little reminder of all the epic stuff we have done and taking 5 minutes to do so will help to get you out of the mid-year slump you’re facing.

Plan a little getaway

Missed the Euro summer…. Same, and we know them feels. Most of your will be gearing up for exams so prioritise that and then head off on a micro getaway for a few days. Byron is beyond perfect this year, keep an eye out for sale flights and get away for some R&R before you tackle the last few months of the year. 

Reassess your goals

If you are feeling a little deflated about what you have achieved so far this year then it might be time to reassess your goals. Ask yourself if you are motivated? Learning something new? Are you feeling body confident? Are the people in your life your biggest cheerleaders? It’s easy to settle as the year goes on, we get tired complacent and some people just have more get up and go than others, right? Wrong… we hate to sound cliché but life is 100% what you make of it, so if you feel like you aren’t nailing your day to day life and ticking goals then it is time to reassess where you at. Take the time out to sit by yourself and work out what is working and what isn’t, then start to make changes until you are satisfied. Don’t settle, you have one life, make every minute count. 

Santa is coming soon

It’s that time of year to legit go all out! We are talking more food than you would eat in a week, and then having more again after that until you pass out on the lounge and can no longer move due to a food coma. Yes, that’s what you call a great Christmas. And let’s not forget Secret Santa, so you and your friends and FAM all feel that little bit loved and special.   So rejoice, throw on some of your favourite Christmas tunes and look forward to the fast approaching Christmas holidays.

Photo by Camille Orgel on Unsplash
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