We're celebrating World Environment Day!

We're celebrating World Environment Day!
4 June 2020    Donnay Torr    0 comments
It's World Environment Day – raise your voice for nature! You might realise it, you might not, but making an active decision to take care of nature and fight for the future of our natural environment is a decision to take care of yourself, your friends, family, loved ones and society as a whole as well. Our future depends on making time to get to grips with the challenges that face our natural environment. Make time now, because we're running out of time... 

If you’ve been looking for a way to use your time more productively (or if you feel like volunteering for a good cause), maybe it’s time to delve into how you can become a Friend of Earth and the Environment… We rounded up some tips, resources and inspiration below to help you get started!

You can find out more about World Environment Day here. #ForNature #MakeTimeForNature

Take practical action

We’re already being forced to travel WAY less (*sarcastic thank you to COVID-19*), and we’re more focused on what we’re eating and the resources we’re using. We’ve also realised how much we rely on going outdoors to keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy… It really sucks to not just be able to go to the beach, local green space or national park when you want to. So we need to start thinking how we’re going to treat the environment when we get out of lockdown to keep our outdoor spaces thriving, since it’s clear that "just staying at home" is very little fun... Taking care of "outside" is important to make sure we still have places left to play, live and connect with others.

Of course, if you add the damage our last bushfire season did to our natural environment, you'll realise just how important it is to start getting hands-on with helping nature... Because if we don't, things will only get worse.
Distance-not-silenceYou could use this time to make your home more “nature” friendly by doing any of the below:
  • Plant bee and butterfly friendly flowers and herbs in your back yard, or in pots on your balcony. Think lavender, sage, alyssum… Anything that will provide some food. Check out @ggthegardengirl on TikTok for inspo.

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♬ original sound - ggthegardengirl
  • Start recording the wildlife in your garden (if you have one), or the visitors to your balcony (flyovers count too). Make a list of birds, insects, moths, reptiles, bats, spiders… See how much life you have around you. Then think of ways to make your garden or balcony more Earth friendly. 
  • Develop strategies to make your life more environmentally friendly after lockdown: will you still cut down on travel, or change the way you do it? What about changes in your diet, or how and how much you shop for clothes?
  • Sign up to become part of bush care teams or practical environmental actions for when lockdown ends. Google the Manly Dive Centre’s regular beach clean up sessions, for example!

Take things a step further: sign up for the Twelve-month Going Green challenge (click on the links below to find out more), or download our easy, practical Going Green 101 tips to get you started by clicking on the infographic below.


Working for the planet

You have plenty of time to think about your future and how you want to approach it right now – perhaps consider a different kind of career path? There are so many jobs that focus on taking care of the earth and our natural environments – find out more at the links below.

Also remember to check out Skillsroad’s industry guides and resources – it gives you a great idea of potential career paths, and can inspire you to start planning a future that fits you best. Click below to find out more!


Feel like some fun?

Our Love Earth Playlist on Spotify is the perfect soundtrack to World Environment Day… Play it loud!

Use your voice


as much of my collection as i could be bothered to drag into one room, i’m truly a menace ✨##foryoupage ##fyp ##cottagecore ##plants ##indoorplants

♬ An Original Song About Hyperfixation - americas_sass_audios
Taking action and making real changes also means getting involved with causes to encourage government to make better decisions for the future of Earth. This might not be your cup of tea, of course – but you could even just get involved in online forums, make TikTok videos, or speak to your friends and family about what drives you.

Wishing you could raise your voice, but feeling too shy? These tips might help you discover your unique voice so that you can start using it for good.
Want to spread the message in your neighbourhood? Download our Environment Day cards, print them out and share them with people who might be interested. The cards list some basic tips to go green as well as a list of careers that environmentally minded people might be interested in. Click on the image below to download.

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