What To Do If You Have A Big Break Between Classes At Uni

What To Do If You Have A Big Break Between Classes At Uni
27 April 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
There are so many great things about uni and yes, breaks are one of them but it’s super important you use your free time wisely. Is there any point going all the way home just to come all the way back for your evening class? Probably not, and let’s be honest there is more chance you will just skip the class so you can go to the gym or bake muffins. Here are my top tips for how to fill in your oh so precious time in between class breaks at uni.

Find a café with Wi-Fi

Aren’t we lucky that in this day and age we can work from pretty much anywhere? The café culture is booming as is pulling up a chair, drinking all the coffee and working from your favourite café. It’s totally appropriate to work from there for a few hours at least especially if it isn’t during their busy lunch rush period, make sure you give back by purchasing a meal there or ordering drinks throughout the day, it just makes sure you’ll be welcomed back time after time.

Organise a study session with your classmates

By using your free time to study during the day you are freeing up your nights, a little study sesh with some friends is a great way to retain information from your previous classes that day while you are still in the right mindset. You can pretty much study anywhere on campus, just find somewhere quiet, that is well lit and also has fresh air. Studying in groups can be a great way to troubleshoot and sanity check any ideas you might have for your assignments and courses.

Join an on-campus club

You remember O-week right? There was literally a club for everything, so why not revisit the idea of joining a club? It’s a great way to make friends and focus on something other than school for a few hours a week. Not only will your mind be stimulated but you will be learning new skills along the way, it’s a win/win really.

Get your life admin done

We all have a heap of it, whether it’s making it to the post office or having your pants altered, get it done in your uni breaks. Write yourself a life admin checklist and rate it from most important to east important and in your breaks go and get everything done. You will find once you start to tick of these menial tasks it will create headspace for more important things.

Just chillax

Hey you, it’s OK just to take some time out as well. Go and get your nails done, or watch your favourite TV show in the sun with your headphones in, read a book or Facetime your mum. This is free time and your time to use how you like. There are always a million things we could/should be doing but nothing is more important than taking time out when you need it. So chillax, take some you time and feel zero guilt in doing so!

Image credit: Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash
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