How to get on top of your study

How to get on top of your study
19 October 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
It’s never too early, or too late to develop good study habits and by mastering the below tips and tricks you will ensure that you are getting the most out of your study. 
Trust us, if you start to introduce the below skills and strategies you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better student in no time. 

1. Keep on top of your work

If you make a plan to study every day, then you’ll be continually reviewing things, which in turn, will help you understand the learning materials better and allow you to stay on top of the course material.Feel like you don’t have enough time in the day? Sometimes you may have to prioritise what you’re doing, which might mean…potentially minimising all that time spent scrolling through your social media accounts.

2. Work out your preferred learning style

Everyone has a different way of learning and retaining information, you just have to discover which ways work best for you. Why not try these out and see which you a vibing the most:

  •  Auditory learners which means you prefer to learn by listening, so try recording your notes or reading them out loud to yourself.

  • Visual learners learn by seeing, so try drawing diagrams and using coloured post-it notes to record key points.

  • Then there are tactile/kinaesthetic learners who prefer to learn by doing. Role playing helps with this type of learning or by actually trying to do the experiment yourself.

3. Ask for help when you need it

Don’t waste valuable study time getting frustrated because something doesn’t make sense, talk to your friends, lecturers and teachers about your problem and see if they can help. Study time is precious and there is nothing wrong for putting your hand up for help when you need it. 

4. Stay motivated

Any loss of motivation is a killer, so keep a clear head and remind yourself when necessary as to how far you have come and what your goals are. I’d also recommend pimping your study space with quotes and pictures that motivate you when you are feeling low.

5. Revision is life

Take time out to go over the things you’ve studied in class the week prior while it’s still fresh in your mind. Set yourself little quizzes and make the time to think up practice exam questions and make some flash cards and that way, you’ll be the king or queen of revision in no time.

6. Focus on your health and wellbeing

Eat well, sleep even better and don’t be afraid to take a break when you need it. Keep yourself hydrated and most of all, get outside and exercise! If you are not practicing wellness and getting down time to de-stress you’re no good to anyone, especially not yourself. 

Work hard, study harder. This is your chance to be whatever you want to be. With sacrifices comes greatness, you just have to fight for it.

Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

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