Flexible jobs you can do while in uni

Flexible jobs you can do while in uni
2 October 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Let’s be honest, we all need that cash money. What’s the point of studying your butt off if you can’t afford that new item to add to your wardrobe or spending a little bit extra on the weekends? Yep, that’s the sad reality - it’s time to get a casual job!
Sure you may have heard the horror stories about casual employment, bosses working you to the bone and expecting you to do the most trivial jobs ever, but on the flip side it could be super rewarding as you could earn some decent coin, make new friends and have some fun along the way.
So how do you find this flexible dream job? We’ve got some ideas to help you on your way.

1. Uber

Does anyone remember life before Uber? Like, how did we ever get across town, see our friends in two suburbs, grab groceries and pick up a fresh juice from your favourite market stall all in an hour. God bless Uber. And now it’s the perfect way to work flexible hours and have some fun while doing it. Sure, you will need a car and a full licence so this might be the best plan for our older readers but it’s a good idea, right? 

2. Tutoring

You can go through an agency or reach out to your community or inner circles and offer your services. If you’re looking at tutoring uni or TAFE students, then you can always check with your uni or TAFE to see if they have any tutoring jobs available – that way you don’t have too far to travel! If you feel tutoring teens or children is more your vibe, then go about getting the right courses and certificates under your belt to do so. It will help you to secure work more easily and it will also give you a reason to up your hourly rate. 

3. Retail and hospitality

Want to put your people skills to work, then this is the job for you! Working bars, restaurants and retail are great ways to earn some cash on the side while having fun. Retail has some perks, like clothing allowances and staff incentive nights. Working in a bar is kind of like going out, except you’re making money instead of spending it, plus you have the ability to earn tips outside of your set wage, so if you’re good at your job you could be taking home quite a nice pay package. Most employers will be pretty flexible and if you can work weekends then you’ll definitely be in the good books.

4. All the sitting jobs

Why not think about baby-sitting, dog sitting or house sitting. Yup, people will pay you to mind their homes and water their plants while they are away for long stints. You can live it up in a home that in most cases will be amazing and get paid for it. Of course you will need to be responsible, this story line has the making for a great US movie if you are caught having a party and it gets out of hand so keep the parties between you and the couch. Babysitting is a great source of income and you’ll find that once you do a great job for one family, their friends will be knocking down your door (hopefully the one you are being paid to house sit) to have you come and sit for them. The hours are flexible and let’s be honest it’s pretty easy work when most kids are in bed by 7pm. It could be a great chance to study while earning cash in hand. Happy days!

5. Create your own part time job

We live in a world where outsourcing is the norm so why not tap into that and start your own little side hustle. Think about the things you are good at or where your passions lie and see if you can make that into a side business. If you are great at food photography, then why not shoot content for your local restaurants? Maybe you’re a bit of a social media whizz, so offer your services to up and coming businesses in the area who need help setting up their Instagram’s and Facebook pages. Whatever you are good at can be made into a business these days, you just have to have the drive and the willpower to make it work. So start by brainstorming some ideas and see what’s doable for you.
All in all, your life will be stressful enough with your exams, lessons and assignments, so find something you enjoy doing, look at it as a bit of a release from the norm, and the best part is you can save for that holiday you’ve been dreaming about or that car you’ve had your eye on for months now. Whatever it is you want, envisage it then make it happen!
Photo by ZACHARY STAINES on Unsplash

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When she isn't writing for Skillsroad you can find her at the beach with her dog Levi or working on her Social Media Company We Are The Hunted, shooting (and eating) food for her hospitality clients.


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