Exam Hacks: Multiple Choice

Exam Hacks: Multiple Choice
25 October 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Love them or hate them multiple choices are bound to be in your tests, so it’s time to debunk the myths and give these sometimes hard done by questions a fair go.
We’ve listed below the top 8 tips to get you on your A-game for your next multiple choice test.

So let’s get down to business, what is the actual benefits of multiple choice questions?  
  • They make marking far less labour-intensive.
  • They make pupil understanding more visible to teachers. Let's take each in turn.
  • They make assessment more reliable.
  • They make pupil understanding more visible to teachers.
  • They provide students with rapid feedback on their learning
  • It also allows objective scoring. There can only be one answer so marking bias is eliminated.
So now we know the why, the next question is HOW do we master these bad boys and slay our next Multiple Choice Question Test (MCQ test). Here are some top tips to getting top marks in your next exam.

1. Use your common sense

Usually there are a few possible answers that are just plain laughable so use your common sense and go with your gut, the answer is there somewhere! 

2. Eliminate false answers straight up

Start by eliminating each clear wrong answer, some wrong answers will be more obvious than others, but start with a process of elimination. That way you’ll be closer to the answer straight away. 

3. Know what each multiple choice question is actually asking

You have to know what you’re being asked before you can give the right answer. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re asked something you aren’t, read the question in full a few times over before you even look at the possible answers, that way you will have a better understanding of exactly what the question is asking before you tackle it. 

4. Evaluate the question and use your instincts

After you fully understand the question then it’s time to answer it, often the type of answers given will give you a good indication of which answer is right.

5. Take your time in answering the question ad come back to it if you’re stuck

Even if you think you know the answer straight away take the time to read, analyse and understand the question. There is no need to rush, but don’t get bogged down and lose valuable time, as you could be spending more on other higher marked questions later. If the question is worth 1 mark then you shouldn’t be spending more than 3 minutes on it as a rule. 

6. Try a little thing called certainty marking

You should be answering all the questions that you know you answered right, so if you answer a question you are certain you got right then put a tick next to the question number. Marking the questions will help you keep track of what needs to be answered if you have time later in the test. 

7. Always review your answers

Make sure you leave yourself enough time to review your answers before you submit your paper as you might have had something else in the test jog your mind or the answer might seem a little clearer after you have been focused during your test. So trick is, go back and read over everything so you are giving yourself the best chance at answering everything correctly. 

8. If all else fails, wing it

If you are down to the last minutes of the exam and you still have unanswered multiple choice questions, then guess, start the elimination process then just take a guess at whatever is left. 1 out of 3 isn’t a bad odd, and you just never know it could equal a few extra marks you may not have gotten if you didn’t take the plunge!
Just remember that your first priority is finishing all the work you instantly know, your second priority is answering those tough questions and your third is to review your work. By sticking to the above plan you’ll have a better chance of acing your next exam. Good luck!

Photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash


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