5 Traineeships you could get into

5 Traineeships you could get into
25 October 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Starting a traineeship could help you to go on and further your study or even start your own business. As a trainee, you will be given the opportunity to work on real-world and exciting projects, and get hands on training in a field of your choice without having to commit to a full time role. Essentially, you can test the waters, learn valuable lessons and hopefully go on to have a long and fulfilling career in your chosen field.
Training is flexible ad can be completed either full time or part time depending on what works for you and the best part is that if you study at a Registered Training Organisation  (RTO) such as TAFE, you can actually work towards a nationally recognised VET qualification which will get you to where you want to be in your career faster.


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There are hundreds of traineeships available and some of them you can even start while you’re still at school. Here are our top 5 picks for some traineeships you will love!

1. Marketing

In a marketing traineeship you’ll be heavily involved in developing marketing strategies for products and services, implementing marketing plans and identifying areas of improvement. You’ll also have a hand in assisting the team to hit KPIs, along with being the main point of contact for suppliers. You’ll need great customer service skills, have a creative mind and be able to communicate easily to a wide range of people. Once you complete your traineeship you could go on to be a marketing assistant, a digital marketer or head into the fun world of advertising. 

2. Graphic Design

A traineeship will set you up for a promising career in graphic design, you’ll get to work on a variety of print projects like invitations, presentations, websites and logos. You’ll learn how to work with clients, decipher briefs and take creative control on your projects all while seeing how a small design studio works in the real world. Sounds fun right? 

3. IT

If you love technology and love a challenge, then an IT traineeship could be right up your alley. With the rate of technology development, the demand for highly skilled IT professionals has increased dramatically and you could be a part of that! By starting a traineeship you’ll be involved in IT support and maintenance, internet troubleshooting and resolving IT problems. You’ll need strong written and verbal communication skills, be able to think on your feet and be great at problem solving. It’s a specialised field and if you’re good you could have the chance to create a business where the hours are flexible and you could work from home. Show me the money!

4. Childcare Traineeships

By starting a traineeship in childcare you will get the chance to inspire and help develop children’s cooperative skills, confidence and be an integral part of their learning. You will have a helping hand in furthering children’s language skills through storytelling and conversations. You will need to have patience, a kind and caring disposition and be organised. You will also need to have strong written and conversational skills, and be able to think outside the box (some kids will be tougher than others). You will have a chance to make a difference in children’s lives which is fulfilling in itself. If this sounds like you, then this could be just the career path you’ve been looking for!

5. Digital Media and Technology Traineeship

A digital media traineeship offers a wide selection of occupations and career paths, so it’s a great option for you to try out a few different skills and in the one traineeship. You could be involved in anything from photography to videography and web design to animation. It really is up to you to try out as many facets of the traineeship that way you can see what interests you the most. You’ll need to be computer literate, self-motivated and work well in a team. It’s a highly engaging traineeship and a versatile career pathway with a heap of benefits that will keep you wanting more.
There are so many traineeships to choose from in a range of fields that will excite you, so do your research and find a career path that fits in with your goals and career aspirations.
Get started by checking out the Skillsroad Jobs Board here and the Apprenticeship Careers Australia jobs board here and see what jobs are on offer for your new career.

Photo by Clarisa Guerra on Unsplash


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