Why Your Part Time Job is Important for Skill Development

Why Your Part Time Job is Important for Skill Development
3 October 2017    Lisa Clark    0 comments
I couldn’t wait to be old enough to get my first full time job, in my mind it was my first real step toward becoming an adult and I was excited about the prospects of firstly having my own money to spend and secondly the freedom to get out of the house and begin to make friends outside of my school peers.
My first job was at McDonalds, I took all the extra shifts offered to me, made sure my uniform was washed and ironed for each shift and the excitement of getting a badge when I won a register race or for making the most money that month was a triumph. At the time I didn’t realise it, but this job was in fact setting me up for life. I was taught about being punctual, taught how to accept and carry out tasks delegated to me and also taught about the importance of receiving feedback and then taking it on board. I was taught that working hard was the only way to get ahead and I was shown through training sessions, late night finishes and early starts that money doesn’t grow on trees, you in fact have to work hard to get that $250 a week.
It gave me an understanding of money and time that I previously hadn’t comprehended, I had more appreciation when I was given Christmas and Birthday gifts from my Dad and when I bought my first expensive pair of Nikes I slept with them in my bed for a week before I wore them because I was so proud that I had worked hard and saved up to buy them without the help of my parents, I was #adulting and I loved every minute of it.
There are so many benefits in finding yourself part time and the Summer break is the perfect time to do it! Check out my top reasons that your part-time job is incredibly important to your future skill set and job prospects.
  1. You’ll be a better communicator

Communication is key in any role really; your part time job will teach you how to communicate not only effectively but appropriately will all sorts of people from all walks of life. A part time job is the perfect place to make mistakes and learn from them before you are thrust into the world of full time work, pay reviews and on- going performance reviews. Teamwork is also an essential skill to learn and master for your future growth, when someone is pulling their weight it is felt by everyone in the team and there is nothing like a busy shift to teach you that teamwork makes the dream work!
  1. You Will Grow and Develop New Skills

Growth is inevitable and having a part-time job will help you to mature and develop skills you wouldn’t have previously had. Though we learn so much at school there are just some skills you can only learn with a hands on approach things such as initiative, self-motivation and discipline. Sure, you’ve had to cancel plans with friends because you have to work that night but that is all a learning curve, you didn’t call in sick, you sucked it up and went and did your shift which shows your employer that you are disciplined and loyal, which are all favourable qualities to learn for growth and development. You will also learn to handle stress, working in a fast paced or stressful environment will teach you the skills you need to develop a higher tolerance for stress in the work place or in life in general. You will need to learn to stay calm and be professional even though you may want to yell and scream from the top of your lungs, but this is getting you ready for life my dear friend. You will have a million situations over the years that will be stressful and unfair but by learning the tools to handle stressful situations you will handle any of the situations thrown at you will ease and this is indeed a blessing when going into the workforce on a full time basis.
  1. Your Time Management Skills Will Be On Point

You will be given time frames to complete tasks, be expected to turn up to your shifts on time and excuses just won’t fly when it comes to punctuality at your part time job. You will soon learn that arriving 45 min early to your shift is much more commendable than even being 5 minutes late. As you begin to gain experience your ability to read situations and prioritise effectively will ensure you are mastering your time management skills.
  1. You’ll Be Much More Comfortable Making Decisions and Actioning plans

You are going to need to think on your feet and make decisions quickly in which ever job you undertake, so the perfect place to sharpen these skills is during your part-time work, the more you trust in yourself the easier it will be to make concise decisions and ensure the job gets done! Action plans will also be in place to ensure you are meeting targets and your employer is happy with the work you are doing, in most cases you will be given a probationary period so you will need to make an extra effort to be organised and perform well in this time. Ask your manager to give you something in writing which outlines your job role and what is expected of you to ensure you are hitting your targets, keep this on hand to revise in your first few months to ensure your employer is happy with the work you are doing and you are forward thinking about how and what you can do to ensure the business runs smoother. Value add is super important in any role you undertake whether that is now or in the future.
  1. Have Fun

You are too young to hate your job, so find a part-time job that you look forward to going to each week. Believing in the product you are selling helps or having friends to work alongside is a huge bonus to ensure you are exciting about the work you are undertaking. If you know what you want to be when you grow up, then great! Try and find a role that will help you gain experience in your chosen field, if you are still unsure of what you want to do then bar work or cashier work could be perfect for you, just make sure that you are having fun learning all of the above along the way.
Lisa.jpg Bondi-based freelance journalist, blogger & #girlboss, Lisa Clark, has an acute appreciation for travel, fashion and photography. Through this lifestyle, Lisa creates beautiful and inspiring content across her Instagram @iamlisaclark and her blog www.lisaclark.com.
When she isn't writing for Skillsroad you can find her at the beach with her dog Levi or working on her Social Media Company We Are The Hunted, shooting (and eating) food for her hospitality clients.


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