How to transfer your iso skills to a real-life job

How to transfer your iso skills to a real-life job
14 May 2020    Donnay Torr    0 comments
National Careers’ Week is here! Now, you may be wondering “how on earth am I ready for a career when I’ve basically become stuck to the couch?!” But here’s the thing: you’ve actually been fine-tuning loads of interesting skills while at home. Everything you’ve done or tried (old or new) has taught you something. So now it’s just a matter of transferring your hard-earned iso skills into a real-world career… No problem.

Iso skills FTW

Fix the wifi. Buy a potplant. Wash the dishes. Cook a meal. Choose tonight’s Netflix series. Make the bed. Brush the cat. Zoom with friends. Without noticing, you’ve probably fallen into a specific skilled role while isolating at home, whether with your family, partner or a friend. You likely enjoy some tasks more than others, and certain things come naturally to you, while you just loathe others.

You could be the person everybody goes to for tech advice, or the one who documents all the small moments and keeps friends together with regular online catchups. Maybe you’ve discovered a talent for keeping plants alive – something you never thought possible! Or you’ve learned to keep WELL away from the stove…

Need a fairer distibution of labour at home? Click below to download our Iso Skills Playcards, put them in a hat and have your family pull out the tasks they’re focusing on today… 


The thing is, all skills are valuable and worth developing. And when it comes to choosing a future career that will make you happy (yes, it is possible to love your job!), you should be thinking skills, not roles. If you know what you’re good at and you combine it with something that makes you tick, you’re way likelier to forge a successful career path than if you choose to do something you think is expected of you, or you feel forced into.

Here’s how you start thinking about your future career

Step 1: Take the Skillsroad Career Quiz.

It’s a psychometric testing tool that helps you discover your primary and secondary skills set, and makes suggestions of possible careers that might suit you. And it’s free! Click below to try it.


Step 2: Take some time to think about jobs that appeal to you.

Skillsroad has loads of handy information about career opportunities in more than 500 industries to browse through – find a basic snapshot of different jobs, likely salary rates and career options within industries here.

Need more real-life work stories? Discover a day in the life of…

Step 3: Determine if you’re job ready

Once you’ve chosen a job or three that appeal to you, run your choices through the Skillsroad Job Fit Test – this will show you how prepared you are for the job you have in mind, and will make suggestions on the areas you still need to improve on. It’s free! Click below to try it.


Step 4: Decide how you want to get there.

Do you want to go to uni? TAFE? Try an apprenticeship or traineeship? We spill the tea on educational pathway options here. It might also be the perfect time to look into an apprenticeship or traineeship now, given the benefits: here are our top five reasons for considering an apprenticeship or traineeship to train for your future career!

Step 5: Start working on your job-hunting skills.

You may not want an actual job yet, but it pays to be prepared – learn more about how to write Cover Letters, create an awesome Resume, job hunting techniques and more here. Also check out the Skillsroad Jobs Board if you do feel like testing the working world waters!


Need an extra boost? Check out our free resume templates here.

Step 6: Level up on life skills.

Become more resilient, learn how to set goals and focus, look after your mental wellbeing, find out what you can learn from horror movies… Our Life Hacks blog offers a range of handy tips and tricks, whatever you need!
See? Nothing too daunting about it. Just take things step by step, focus on your natural skills and what you love, and then simply do you.

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