How To Make The Most Out of The HSC and Careers Expo

How To Make The Most Out of The HSC and Careers Expo
29 May 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
This year the HSC and Careers expo celebrates its 10th year and promises to be bigger and better than ever! There are over 100 seminars to attend with topics including career advice, gap year options, HSC subject overviews and tertiary course options. With over 140 exhibitors and 17,500 visitors over the 4 days you know there will be a wealth of knowledge under the one roof!
There will be exhibits offering study and employment advice as well as information on apprenticeships and traineeships, it really is your one stop shop for anyone looking to further their knowledge around uni, studying or career paths. Time tables run from 9am – 2pm each day and most seminars go for around 45 minutes.
There will be industry leaders offering advice and an opportunity to get answers on any niggling questions you may have. Chat to people who have undertaken the courses and had successful careers in the field you are interested in, pick their brains about the do’s and don’ts and gain valuable knowledge and know how on industries, universities and course subjects you may have not been accustomed to yet. It is a great way to make connections within community and held to educate and understand your career plan just that little bit better.
Here are my top tips for getting the most out of this year’s HSC and Careers Expo.

Write down a list of the courses and careers you are interested in before you head to the seminar

To get the most out of the expo you firstly need to understand the reason you want to attend and the exhibits you are actually interested in. They could be connected or totally different career paths or courses, and that is more than fine, actually, that is perfect for you if you are still unsure of your next steps after school because everything is under one roof. I’m sure after leaving the exhibition you will have more clarity around your next steps and what you need to do to make that happen.

Play out your day

Simple enough right? This will give you a plan of action and stop you from wasting time trying to find the right exhibitors and secondly, stop you from visiting stands that don’t really have the information you want. Use the map here to highlight the stands you want to visit and scroll down on the same link to also map out the seminars you want to attend. 

Write down a list of questions you have

Always remember that no question is ever a silly question so arm yourself with a pen and paper to take notes during the day and jot down any questions you may have regarding careers, uni subjects or next steps to getting an apprenticeship. Most of what you’ll need to know can be answered there and then on the spot come prepared!

Grab all the freebies!

Bring a bag to collect not only the freebies but the handouts and workbooks on the day. There will be fliers, information cards, books and lots of other bits and pieces that will help you on your journey so grab them all and take the home to look over once you have left the exhibition. Take notes during the seminars and write down any web addresses or any other information you might need at a later date.
Here’s the rest of the information you will need to attend:
Where: Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park, Sydney
What: The HSC and Careers Expo
When: Thursday 31 May 9am – 3pm
Friday – 9am – 3pm
Saturday 1st – 3rd June 10am – 3pm
How much: $10 per person (cash only)
Check out the website here for all the information you’ll need.

Image credit: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
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