Sean Michael Perez - Actor, Singer and Dancer

Sean Michael Perez - Actor, Singer and Dancer
28 May 2015    Arrnott Olssen    0 comments

The life of a creative person can be quite challenging, but as Sean Perez can testify to its a life that's both rewarding and exciting. He's a great example of someone who juggles a number of different careers both creative and non-creative but in doing so has found a niche for himself.

Name : Sean Michael Perez

Position : Performer - Actor/ Singer/ Dancer

Company : Ryan Hall Management

How did you get into your line of work?

I started training in Dance in 2004. By the time I graduated a musical theatre degree in 2010, I had gained skills in numerous styles of dance, been trained in singing & got acting experience.

How long have you been in it?

I signed with my agent after freelancing in the entertainment industry in 2011 for a year and signed with him at the end of the year making this year my 4th year in the business.

What do you find rewarding about it?

I find a number of things rewarding about performing. First of all it's the fact that I can impact a large number of people at once with my performance.

Secondly it's the fact that I get to tell someone's story whether it's through my acting, singing or dancing; or all three if it's musical theatre.

Thirdly & selfishly, the attention is rewarding because you spend years of training to finally be recognised for your talent. You spend months rehearsing an 8 min dance piece and get a "thank you" at the end. You spend hours singing the same song over and over again to end up with a huge round of applause.

Name 3 perks & 3 challenges of your career choice?

Three perks of being an entertainer would be:

1. You get to meet and work with a diverse range of people from crew on a set to stage managers in a theatre to makeup artists getting you ready for a show. It's crazy how many people are behind the scenes!

2. You get to access to areas you never would have had the opportunity before hand.

3. You get to enjoy your work because it's something creative, something that comes from you, something you've worked hard for and something that's different every time.

JVI_0089j-web.jpgThree challenges of being an entertainer:

1. Your body is your product so you need to take care of it very carefully because you can't afford to be sick which sometimes means you need to be in bed early, you can't be screaming, you need to say no to some events just so you can take care of your body.

2. Work, or lack of. This is a hard industry with lots of people trying to grab at it. The lucky few can make it full time. The rest of us or those that are starting out need jobs on the side to support their creative career until they are able to support themselves on it full time.

3. The hours - You may have an audition first thing in the morning and then have a show that doesn't finish until 10pm. Or you could be on set for 14 hours and work 7 days a week so you have no social life. Understand that the hours you put in are a sacrifice however hopefully those in your family and social circles understand that this is your career and it's a sacrifice you have to make in order to make a living.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into your line of work?

Only do it if you have a love for it. Don't do it if you want the fame or the money because this industry isn't like that. I've seen plenty of people move out of this industry because they wanted to get rich and famous and the reality is, you have to win the lottery of the entertainment world to be a celebrity. If you have a love for telling stories, expressing yourself through song or movement, if you enjoy making people feel and you're not afraid to work hard, fight for your goals and be hurt along the way - then this industry is for you. And it's more rewarding because you know how hard you've had to fight for every role you get cast in.

Are there any passions out of work that inspire you?

Plenty - fashion, food, photography, drag, hair, makeup, fitness & teaching.

How long have you being doing it?

All of these passions I've been able to turn into work. In this industry, they say that "every performer has a profession", in other words, we all have some sort of side job or back up that fall back on when we're not performing. Fitness is my profession doing it for the last 4 years. Drag, hair & makeup for the last 3 years. Photography since 2007. Fashion since forever.

How does it inspire you?

Fitness inspires me because I used to be 120kgs, but now I weigh in at 87 kgs. Thus my story inspires others so when my clients give me their stories and their results, that inspires me to improve and help them more.

Fashion, hair & makeup inspires me because with my skills in these areas, I'm able to allow people to find the beauty within themselves by bringing beauty out of them that they didn't see they had. To see their eyes light up and their smiles grow because they can see how gorgeous they are just with a bit of a makeover is truly inspiring.

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