Online course platforms that can boost your career

Online course platforms that can boost your career
18 March 2021    Tammy Sofranic    0 comments
Are you getting ready to start applying for jobs and get your career going? If your answer is yes, well, congrats! We know that it's both an exciting and stressful time, and that's why we want to support you on this journey. 

So before you click that "Apply" button and send off your application, check out some of these online course platforms and how you can benefit by taking some courses before heading into the employment jungle! 


Skillsroad’s program has been developed to help you to start thinking about your career goals, the tools you need to get a job and how to be successful at work once you’ve started your first job.

With experience, we learn that even though we can’t always control the outcomes, we can apply our practical, evidence-based skills to be happier and achieve our life goals. 

The course covers 3 topics: The Journey to self-knowledge, Getting job ready and Killing it at work.

Click here to access the course. 


On Udemy, you can find courses on varios topics and industries, whether it's personal or professional interests. Pro tip: before you rush into buying, keep an eye on their sales, they happen every now and then! 

When it comes courses that will mostly help you finding a job, either look out for ones connected to your job (for example, if you are looking to start a career in Design, you can check out Web Design section). Otherwise, the best place to look into is Career Development Courses. You can find anything from Resume and CV Writing, Interviewing Skills, Networking, Communication, Soft Skills - all the ones emplyoers will love to see.

Click here to access the course. 


Open Universities Australia offers something for everyone. You can choose what best works for you depending on your needs, time, finances etc. Great thing about this platform is that it offers online undergraduate degrees, postgraduate courses, pathways and pre-university prep, single subject and short courses. 

Click here to access the course.

Not sure if you are job ready yet? Try the Job Fit Test below!
You're a good fit, baby


Coursera has a similar concept to Open Universities Australia, except that they work with both universities and companies as well. Here, you find courses by Google, IBM, AWS, Atlassian and many, many more. 

They offer bachelor degrees, master's and short courses also. 

Click here to access the course. 


rses als Following onto the past two platform, EDx offers similar options. Browse across short courses or degrees to find the best option for your path. 

Click here to access the course. 

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