What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do
27 June 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Sometimes in life we find ourselves at a crossroads and a simple decision can feel like the end of the world. I remember at 20 thinking I had to have it all worked out, I worked two jobs, lived week to week financially and put so much pressure on myself to do well that by 25 I was burnt out and hating my life. What I realised is that it wasn’t money that made me happy but instead experiences, travel and the people around me that truly fulfilled me.
My career that I thought I would be in forever ended up being the thing I couldn’t stand the most and I was at a pivotal point in my life, did I continue to work in a job I no longer enjoyed to make my family happy or did I quit and find my true passion. I chose the latter and haven’t looked back since.

The main thing to remember when you are feeling lost or dissatisfied is to make changes, sitting around and waiting for your situation to magically better itself is a dangerous game because the truth is that no one can better your life but you. A relationship cannot fix you, more money will not ensure your happiness, what will make a difference is the work you put in and the steps you take to make your life fulfilled.

Take some quiet time alone from distractions and actually work out what the problem is, could it be your career, your relationship, your self-worth or your workload? You need to get to the root of the issue before you can put the steps in place to start making your life better.

If mentally you aren’t stimulated in your job this could be your chance to start a side project you have always dreamed of, if you keep your full time job you can pay your rent and bills and put whatever is left over into your real passion which could be anything from cooking to blogging. Find what fulfils you and work towards that every day.

Another great way to find clarity is to take a break, take that leave you have accrued, pack your bags and go on a holiday, there is nothing quite like the freedom and space travel can give you to breathe and work out your next steps. Being outside of your usual environment will give you time to think and work out your next steps, and if you aren’t happy then travel will give you back your smile in no time. There is nothing like an adventure to help steer you on the right course.

If travel isn’t doable right now then start to write down your dreams and hope for the future, a vision board is a great way to collate all of your hopes and dreams in one place and it works to remind you of what you are working towards. Make a plan and start to envision what you want and what you need to do to get it. Give yourself 3 monthly, 6 monthly and yearly goals to keep you motivated and on a path that you want to be on. Hang your vision board in your room as a daily reminder of what you want out of life and make decisions based around smashing those goals.

Talk to your family and friends about how you are feeling, there are people in your life that understand you and will help you to get back on track. Sometimes we feel silly asking for help or talking about our problems but you shouldn’t carry this burden alone, everyone has been where you are, and there are people around you that will help you get back your mojo or talk through the hard decisions you need to make.

What I do know is that self-love is critical in times of stress and even if you are feeling lost or at a dead-end it will get better. I love telling myself in times of stress or negativity “that what goes down must go up” and that whatever I am feeling is just a passing phase and that everything will get better and it will. You just have to make the changes to get yourself there. It’s impossible to have all of the answers or to have your life mapped out perfectly, because with the highs will come the lows and that will be your time to learn the most and grow. Instead of focusing on the negatives of the situation look at it in a positive light, your mindset is everything when you are feeling at a loss.

Make changes, speak up and remember to love yourself. It will get better and it will get easier. I promise you that.

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash
Lisa.jpg Bondi-based freelance journalist, blogger & #girlboss, Lisa Clark, has an acute appreciation for travel, fashion and photography. Through this lifestyle, Lisa creates beautiful and inspiring content across her Instagram @iamlisaclark and her blog www.lisaclark.com.
When she isn't writing for Skillsroad you can find her at the beach with her dog Levi or working on her Social Media Company We Are The Hunted, shooting (and eating) food for her hospitality clients.


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