Ask a Career Coach: Mind your manners!

Ask a Career Coach: Mind your manners!
20 July 2020    Tammy Sofranic    0 comments
This has been a strange year. Most of us have spent way too much time in the comfort of our own homes, basically forgetting what it’s like to interact with other humans face-to-face. One side-effect from not being around other people at work or school so much is that we’ve all got a bit more casual and laid back with our manners…

Are you dressing more casually? How are you answering your phone? Do you still brush your hair every day? Can you recognise your toothbrush?

We can’t blame you. BUT: if you’re sending out job applications and trying to get a job, these kinds of habits can be a costly mistake. Skillsroad Career Coach Tammy Sofranic gives us a quick reminder of the essential business etiquette you need during your job search journey. (Not to mention the advantage manners can give you over competitors who haven’t changed their sweatpants in, like, two weeks…)

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1. Start with the basics – what about your email and voicemail?

Now that you’re putting your email and phone number on your resumé, keep in mind that that, besides your name, it’s the first thing employers will see, and it makes a lasting impression. Make sure that your email is not a goofy cartoon character name, but rather your first and last name. Also, if you are rude or joking on your voicemail message, the employer will never call you again, so make it sound nice and polite.

2. Answering the phone

Although it may be intimidating to answer unknown numbers, I would encourage you to do so! If you sent out applications, it could be the employers contacting you directly. Don’t miss out on future opportunities just because you can’t be bothered to answer the phone. The best tip would be to do so in a simple manner, such as: “Hello, this is Tammy speaking”.

3. Back to basics!

Remember what your parents or grandparents nagged you about when you were little? Did they always ask you to say, “thank you”, “please”,” excuse me” and “goodbye”? Well, these words still count and still make a good impression, so make sure to use them during a conversation. Such phrases may be simple, but they go a long way to influencing others’ opinion of you.

4. Look the part

Regardless whether you are interviewing on video or in person, make sure to look clean, neat and professional. This does not mean you need to go and purchase expensive clothes, but instead make sure that the clothes you have is appropriate for an interview, and that they are washed and ironed properly. Avoid slogans, cartoon characters and outfits that show too much skin (or just have loads of holes in them because, like, old). The fact that you put effort into your appearance shows that you take care of yourself and shows respect to your future employer as well.

5. Focus on, distractions off

Again, whether in person or not, during an interview it should all be just about you and the interviewer(s). This means that looking at your phone or having it on loud mode is a big NO-NO. Any other distractions, such as glancing out the window, not looking the interviewers in the eyes, or talking about things that are in no way relevant for the interview is considered inappropriate during interview conversations. So, stay sharp and focused as much as you can! 😊

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