Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree

Jobs You Can Get Without a Degree
17 July 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments

Feeling a little stuck or confused about where you are at the moment? Started uni but just not feeling it?

Don’t stress! It’s totally normal to feel a little lost after coming out of high school and even being confused once making a decision to start a bachelor’s degree. Quite frankly, it just isn’t suited for everybody.  Sometimes even after starting a new course you still don’t know what comes next.
But here’s the key!
You need to sit down, re-assess and think about how you are feeling right now. If what you are doing is stressful, causing anxiety and freaking you out, then maybe what you are doing just isn’t for you. It’s so important to remember that university doesn’t suit everybody. You all have very different interests, strengths and skillsets, so it is important to look at what actually suits you best.
Just because you haven’t gone to university and studied a degree, that does not make you any less qualified or talented than someone who has. With most cases you can achieve just as much success without a degree and there are plenty of high paying, high achieving jobs out there if you haven’t been able to go to university for whatever reason (be it due to financial, environmental circumstances, or you just not feeling it was a pathway that suited your particular learning style).

There are over 500 occupations that you can work in without a degree and some of those might surprise you. You can be a legal assistant, an architect, a web developer, a dental hygienist, administration assistant, computer support specialist, real estate agent, a care worker or step into the world of marketing (just to name a few) all without a degree.
The point is, the list of options goes on and on and there really is something for everybody out there – degree or not.

Our advice if uni isn’t turning out to be your thing, then it’s time to look at external ways to study and further your knowledge in the field you wish to go into. Your options are limitless. You can jump into a TAFE course, take on a traineeship or an apprenticeship, or even undertake work experience. There are also a lot of private colleges who offer specialised learning for different career paths and pre-requisites to get the job you want.
But you are probably thinking, that’s all well and dandy, however “I still have no clue what I want to do!” How could we be so rude and forget to tell you…
That’s why we have our Career Quiz, ready to help you identify what your best skills and strengths are which you can do now in just 5 mins.

“But everyone tells me jobs without a degree pay less”

Not entirely true. Did you know the median annual starting salary for 76.1% of graduates* is $61,287 and currently, the average Australian income in 2014 is $64,300 which is a pretty comfy salary considering most of those people wouldn’t have a degree under their belt. There are some big bucks to be made even if you don’t have a degree and in 2019 especially, as there is a skills shortage. So it’s definitely worth sussing out the career options that don’t involve you getting a degree.

For example to get into some of these gigs below, all you have to do is an apprenticeship or traineeship to earn some good cash. This might not be your starting salary but it’s definitely achievable with hard work and dedication:
  • A construction manager’s annual salary is $153,213
  • A maintenance manager $110,030
  • Farm manager $92,588
  • Electrician $84,311
  • Pilot $78,473
  • Executive assistant $74,838
So with all of this in mind, are you now feeling eager and excited to kick-start your career outside of the traditional university route? Find out your best skillset now to get started!


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When she isn't writing for Skillsroad you can find her at the beach with her dog Levi or working on her Social Media Company We Are The Hunted, shooting (and eating) food for her hospitality clients.


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