The Truth About Apprenticeships And Traineeships, Let’s Debunk The Myths

The Truth About Apprenticeships And Traineeships, Let’s Debunk The Myths
21 December 2017    Lisa Clark    0 comments
With Australia currently experiencing a national skills shortage, tradies are more in demand than ever before. Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions in regards to getting an apprenticeship or traineeship including how difficult it is to get started and the types of education you must already have to obtain one. Well we are here to bust those myths and let you know that getting an apprenticeship or traineeship is easier than you may think! 

Myth 1 – The apprenticeships offered are mainly for people who want to be outside all day doing heavy work

Wrong! There are over 600 qualifications available and not all of these involve heavy lifting, you can be pretty much anything you want to be, how does being a designer sound or maybe you would prefer to be a baker or a hairdresser? Your apprenticeship could see you working in an office or on the harbour, being an apprentice doesn’t necessarily mean you will be slogging it out on a job site. 

Myth 2 – If you start your training prior to applying for an apprenticeship it will increase your chances of getting one.

Just so you know, when you take part in an apprenticeship you will be doing training both on and off site, the training is provided as you go so there is no need to get in any “experience” before you start. In some cases, doing any sort of pre-apprenticeship training can actually make you ineligible.

Myth 3 – A university degree will make you more employable than an apprenticeship

As mentioned in the opening paragraph Australia is in an Australian wide skills shortage meaning it’s a lot easier to get an apprenticeship than it is to find employment straight out of university, can you believe that only 68% of uni graduates are able to find jobs in their chosen fields within 4 months of graduating, crazy huh!?

Myth 4 – You have to have experience up your sleeve to get an apprenticeship

This is not true at all, apprenticeships and traineeships are entry-level jobs, meaning the employer knows you probably don’t have experience but want to hire you anyway. They will train you, and guide you along the way, all you need is a can-do attitude and a willingness to learn.  

Myth 5 – You didn’t finish year 10 so you can’t get an apprenticeship 

Also untrue, your training will be relevant to the job you are doing so depending on what you want to do it may not matter that you didn’t finish year 10 or get an ATAR.
So in a nutshell, I know you are more than capable and able of getting an apprenticeship or traineeship and nothing should hold you back! Employers just want someone who is reliable, punctual and who has the drive to learn on the job as much as they can. I’m sure you have more questions so why not head to The Australian Apprenticeships Pathways website to read more about the types of apprenticeships you can do, how easy is it to apply!

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