How to Apply for Christmas Casual Jobs

How to Apply for Christmas Casual Jobs
29 November 2019    Lisa Clark    0 comments

It’s that time of the year again! Michael Bublé is coming out of hibernation and there’s so much tinsel and glitter around that you might as well be on the set of a cheesy Christmas movie. So, do you have your Christmas casual job yet? No? Better get cracking: there’s plenty of work to be done... The malls are buzzing with shoppers, presents need to be wrapped and in most cases stores are looking for some special Christmas helpers (Read: elves. We don’t judge.) to join them during their busiest period of the year.
The Festive Season really is the perfect time to make some extra cash and gain valuable practical experience to boot. All the better to pad your resumé (and bank account!), my dear! Here are some tips to land the perfect Christmas casual role.

You’ll need a resumé

If you don’t have one already, now is the time to create your resumé. Make sure to include the following:
  • Your contact details.
  • The days and hours you are available to work.
  •  An overview of the subjects you studied/have completed at school, TAFE or Uni, or are busy studying.
  • Any relevant experience you might have from previous casual jobs or volunteering.
  • A line or two on what you consider to be your strongest skills, specifically aimed at this type of job (for example: you’re good with people, patient, quick and efficient, a fast learner, helpful, a good communicator, persuasive etc.)
  • Any awards or special accolades you’ve received either at school or through volunteering.
  • A short note on your hobbies and interests.

Try and find a casual role that works for you

There are plenty of factors to think about before you apply for a Christmas casual role. What are the things you like doing, the shops you enjoy visiting, and which stores are close to your home? Check out your favourite brand’s Facebook pages or websites and see if they’re advertising any positions. Most of the bigger retailers (think Coles, Kmart, JB Hi Fi) will not only be offering Christmas casual roles but may also offer you a more permanent role if you get in there and do a great job. The key is still enjoying what you do, though, because that makes it more likely that you’ll do well. 

Find the job you want and apply in person or online

A quick google will point you in the right direction of how to apply for a Christmas casual role. Most of the larger retailers will ask you to submit your resumé online and fill in some basic questions to apply for a Christmas casual role with them. Smaller retailers and one-off stores might want a face-to-face application or interview, so for the best possible chance of getting a call back for an interview I would recommend doing the following:

  • Print a hard copy of your resumé and insert it into a clear plastic sleeve, so that the paper stays in good condition.

  • Make sure you are well groomed and confident when asking the manager if they have any casual roles available.

  • Do your research on the company you are applying at and have a list of key questions memorised to ask the employer to show that you are keen. These could include “what are the hours of operation”, “How long does a shift usually go for”, “Are you expected to work back”.

Be on your A-Game for your interview

So you got the call you have been waiting for and your new possible employer has asked to meet with you for an interview. Now you need to ace it:
  • Be on time for the interview!
  • Take a pen and paper in case you need to take notes.
  • Dress appropriately: neat, clean clothes are essential. You don’t have to wear a suit, though: think smart casual and you should be on point.
  • Prepare yourself beforehand by thinking what your strong points are, and jotting down any previous experience that might help your case.
If you have the email or mobile number of the person who interviewed you, send them a “Thank you for your time, I'm really keen to work with you” message after the interview. Not only does it keep you top of mind, but it also shows that you have great manners and are proactive, which are all qualities that employers look for when hiring new staff.
Now that you have nailed the interview you just have to wait for the call back to tell you when to start and what to bring.
Happy holidays and enjoy your new job!

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