What are Soft Skills and Why They Matter

What are Soft Skills and Why They Matter
19 August 2021    Tammy Sofranic    0 comments
Most people pursue a similar path when preparing to enter the workforce, which usually includes going to school, training and obtaining the qualifications that prove our knowledge and capability. So, if we all follow a similar path, what it is that makes a candidate stand out and shine? 

A lot of credit goes to soft skills. Soft skills will help you make a better impression, land the gig and achieve greater success! 

So, what exactly are soft skills?

Soft skills, also known as interpersonal skills, represent the characteristics that help employees thrive in the workplace. These include how we interact with people, solve problems, and manage our workloads.

Some examples would include communication, teamwork, self-management, leadership, adaptability and the list goes on.

Click here to learn about the most important soft skills for the future! 

Why do soft skills matter?

Did you know that the most in-demand qualities employers are looking for are: communication, teamwork, problem-solving, planning and organisation, and self-management?

Soft skills are super valuable no matter what industry you’re in and can positively impact your career – from the moment you apply for a job to the day you’re up for that big promotion. It’s widely said that “hard skills can help you get an interview, but soft skills can get you the job and keep it. 

Soft skills also matter because they are scarce. Employers in Australia are reporting a large deficit in these skills. This means they will be an important and valuable asset whether you're just starting your career, changing it or wanting to climb to a higher level. 


Where can you use soft skills?

The simple answer would be - everywhere. Not only can you use these skills everywhere, but you probably already need them every day as well. 

Soft skills will help you form stronger friendships at school, create better relationships with teachers, colleagues, managers and bosses. They will help you express yourself and convey your ideas in a better manner. 

Developing strong soft skills will help you outside of school and work too. For example, you will have a better time connecting with family members, yep, especially the difficult ones! You might notice you have an easier time making and keeping friends also. 


Every one of us will use our soft skills at some point in our personal or professional lives. Keep in mind that a lack of soft skills can limit your potential and slow down progress. So, there’s no better time than now to develop your soft skills and see where they can take you.  

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