Nailing Your Next interview

Nailing Your Next interview
10 August 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Nailing interviews are a tough gig, you know you are up against other strong candidates and it’s hard to know what the interview process will consist of. Is it an informal chat, will you be put on the spot and asked questions you may not know the answers too, is there some sort of test they want you to undertake? HELP!
Sure it’s stressful and bound to put you outside of your comfort zone but the good news is there are some sure-fire ways to ensure you are nailing your interviews first go. Here’s how to have a seamless interview process that will ensure you get that job you want.

Research the company and who you’ll be meeting

You know what they say; it’s not what you know but who you know and never a truer word was spoken even in an interview scenario.Get your stalk Ion (cough) we mean research and hit the World Wide Web to find out information like when the company was founded, who the CEO is, who you might potentially be meeting with, read their mission statement and what the company actually does day to day. Another great place to get information is LinkedIn, see what types of content they share on their social media and what the vibe is. At the end of the day you are looking for things that can make you more aware of what they are after to potential and you might just find some common ground on your search you can throw into the conversation at the interview. Plus you want to use this information to position yourself as exactly who they are looking for. 

Have these answers ready

We have never been to an interview where we haven’t been asked these 2 questions.... What is your greatest weakness? What is your greatest strength? Your story about your greatest weakness sounds pretty intense right? Well it doesn’t have to be All you need to do is go with a weakness that you can turn into a positive and relay to them that your ‘weakness’ is actually a strength in disguise. Your greatest strength question is your chance to chat through any volunteer work you have done or achievements you are proud of that are also in-line with the company values or the job role. Also, make sure you are armed with questions to ask at the end of the interview about the role and the company and close with a strong and convicting statement about your skill set and why you are perfect for the role. You want them to remember you. 

Learn mistakes from your past interviews

We’ve all bombed at interviews, it’s just a part of life, but make sure if you do that you take the time to understand where you went wrong and what you can do next time to improve your interview style. Take it as a lesson and move on, your next interview will be better we promise! 

Don’t be late and make sure you are dressed to impress

First impressions at an interview are everything so make sure you are on time. If the interview is on a different route of transport that you usually take do a trial run of getting there the day before so you know where you are going and exactly how long it will take to get there. Leave yourself at least 15 – 30 min before the interview to compose yourself before you go in, you don’t want to head into the interview untidy or out of breath. Lay out your clothes the night before and if it’s a new outfit try it on to make sure it fits well and you are as modest as you need to be. Introduce yourself with a warm smile and shake the hand of the people you meet like you mean it, it will show you are confident and put you aside from some of the other shyer or less engaged candidates.
By sticking to these tips you are giving yourself the best chance to nail the interview and get the job you want. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get the first or second interview you go for. Use it all as a trial run for the real deal, you will get better at it and you will get that dream job!
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