How to Get Back On Track after School Holidays

How to Get Back On Track after School Holidays
12 October 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
How good are school holidays? You look forward to them for months, they pass in a millisecond and then you are back to school or work and wondering where your precious holidays went.  It’s easy to feel unmotivated and a little blah after being on holidays, you sleep, eat, party, repeat and your routine gets all out of whack so it makes total sense that we can feel the post holiday blues or take longer than we should to get back to the grind.
Here are some great ways to get back on track and even more motivated than ever after your epic holiday break.

Get organised

It’s time to prep for the second half of the year, and the old “I’m new at this” excuses won’t fly so get ahead of the game by getting organised. Start by cleaning out your apartment or room and de-cluttering, and then move on to your school books and stationary. What do you need for the year ahead? Are there any items you need that will make life easier for the next semester? Are there life admin things you need to get out of the way like a new student card or licence? Also look into apps that might be able to help you and get you organised for the months ahead, look for apps that organise and remind you of appointments and classes. These can be a huge help in getting you motivated and ready for the next few months at uni, school or work.

Get your sleep patterns back on track

It’s easy to fall into the arvo nap routine when you’re on holidays, as well as staying up late and sleeping in so if you are heading back to school or work start to get your sleeping patterns back on track the last few days of your holidays. Sleep is super important for your moods and motivation so ensure you are getting just enough of it and not over sleeping or staying in bed on your social media longer than you should.

Get back to your routine

It’s easy to abandon your daily routine when you are on holidays, we eat what we want, sleep when we want and leave our work to the last minute because damn, we deserve it! It is imperative however if you are heading back to class or work after the school holidays that you get your routine back on track. If your routine works for you then go back to how it was pre holiday but if you were finding you were still late for class and having no time to exercise then it might be time to switch up your routine which is totally cool as well. Waking up 30 min earlier each day will give you an extra 3.5 hours a week to get sh!t done so that could mean time to train at the gym, study or meal prep for the week. Whatever it is you need to get done, ensure you are doing that on the same days at the same time to get yourself into a seamless routine that works for you.

Plan your day and week and prioritise your to-do list

Start a mental plan and then write down what tasks need to be completed in order of importance, read over it a couple of times so it is fresh in your mind. Creating a study plan and then working out what your week works look like in terms of study, free time, weekends away etc can get you motivated and excited for the semester ahead. Plus, getting all of those things out of your head and on paper or into a calendar is a great way to free up mental space and make room for more important things, like the facial you have booked on the weekend.

Stop putting it off

During the holidays it is easy to put things off like assignments, or group activities and study because no one is chasing or reminding you that things are due. But if you plan to jump in head first after the holidays it is much better to get this to-do list ticked off prior to going back to school or work so you aren’t behind as soon as you are back. It just puts unnecessary pressure and can cause you to have anxiety about heading back to your routine as you are behind the 8 ball, so tick that to-do list off and get it done – no excuses!

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

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