In the stars: top 5 careers for a Scorpio Zodiac sign

In the stars: top 5 careers for a Scorpio Zodiac sign
27 April 2021    Tammy Sofranic    0 comments
When it comes to working out what kind of career you want – who says you can’t have a little fun along the way? We’ve gone through each star sign and explored the cool and quirky facts to help each sign in the zodiac discover their hidden talents. Read on to find out what your star sign says about your professional personality.


The Scorpio personality is often misunderstood due to their intensity and their tendency to be harsh.
However, Scorpios are extremely emotional and crave intimacy. They have a powerful presence and demanding personalities, and their interest in mystery is what makes them one of the most intriguing signs.

Scorpios always speak their mind and are forthright and honest, and therefore earn a lot of respect in their environment. Scorpios may try hard to suppress their vulnerable side entirely and may appear  prickly, uncaring, and cold to outsiders.

Keep reading to find out the best career options fit this sign, according to their common zodiac traits.

1. Psychologist/psychiatrist

Scorpios are suited for the roles of psychologists or psychiatrists, as it's a career path that appeals to their curious, methodical and problem-solving nature. They would also rely on their intuition to help the patient cope with their mental disorder and stress. This Zodiac has a gift of probing into someone’s mind without causing them to be too uncomfortable and gets satisfaction from slowly piecing together clues from a patient’s personal history, assessing and exploring the potential of these impacts.

For a typical Scorpio, it is important to do purposeful work and bring greater understanding to complex issues and this profession allows that. 

Other similar professions would be counsellor, biographer or anthropologist.

2. Researcher

The Scorpion can be found in scientific labs, researching for private industries or government agencies. They like to examine the problem and come up with criteria to evaluate it and show results.
Scorpios are meticulous when it comes to detail, so they will enjoy a career that involves carefully examining a problem or challenge, collecting sufficient data, conducting statistical analyses, collating and presenting the research.

Similar suitable jobs would include analyst, consultant or medical examiner. 

3. Chemist

Being a chemist is not an easy job for just anyone but the Scorpion has the skills to excel in this scientific field. The Scorpio would quickly figure out how elements would react to one another or could easily challenge any theory that has been established. 

Working as a chemist will suit Scorpio’s scientific nature and love of analytical challenges. Again, it taps into their enjoyment of problem-solving and their drive to persevere and understand how things work.

Similar professions to consider would be biologist or oncologist.
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4. Massage therapist

Scorpios have it all when it comes to becoming a successful massage therapist. They have the strength, endurance, and discernment a massage therapist needs; they are natural-born healers who understand the mind and body connection. That, coupled with their psychic sensitivity, makes them excel in this career. 

They could also consider careers as a hospice nurse or physiotherapist. 

5. Detective 

One could say that this is an ideal career option for a Scorpio! They are naturally curious individuals who love to uncover secrets but value their privacy. This means they are good at uncovering the crazy stuff that others want to hide. The Scorpion is also great at working undercover and quietly observing people and their activities. They are excellent researchers and won’t give up until they have all the facts. Did we mention they also love good revenge? 
Other similar professions would be private investigator, journalist or archaeologist. 

What about the best careers for other signs? Find out now:

While horoscopes shouldn’t be the basis of any firm life decisions, matching your horoscope to aspects of life such as job selection can be fun, inspiring and thought-provoking. It can be a useful starting point in conjunction with other more serious resources and career research. Take our Career Quiz to get a list of your skillset and the best job matches for your profile!
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