In the stars: top 5 careers for a Gemini Zodiac sign

In the stars: top 5 careers for a Gemini Zodiac sign
22 April 2021    Tammy Sofranic    0 comments
When it comes to working out what kind of career you want – who says you can’t have a little fun along the way? We’ve gone through each star sign and explored the cool and quirky facts to help each sign in the zodiac discover their hidden talents. Read on to find out what your star sign says about your professional personality.


GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 21)

Hello twins, AKA Gemini! Gemini is known as the most social and flexible signs of the Zodiac, probably making you a great friend and colleague. Gemini is fun, sharp, charming and always up for learning new things. They are interested in many different topics, which makes them versatile and adaptable. These individuals have bags of energy, vivid imaginations and are often very creative.

On the other hand, a Gemini may quickly lose interest in simple or repetitive tasks. They prefer constant stimulation, whether from dynamic interpersonal relationships or different engaging tasks.

Read on to learn about the careers that best fit this sign.

1. Journalist

Mercury is the ruling planet for Gemini and is associated with data and communication. This means Geminis are always the first to hear about the next big thing and are great at connecting with people. These qualities make them excellent journalists. They love communication and speak with ease. Journalism is a fast-paced profession that requires running in and out of office, chasing leads and creating content - everything this Zodiac craves and enjoys! 

2. Marketer

This career choice is a great fit for the individual with a Gemini sun. They are highly communicative and can make any new product or service known as well, and can be even persuasive thanks to their great communication skills. They’re fascinated with the behaviour and habits of people, human nature, and statistics. Other professions that fit within this realm include analyst, art director, researcher or statistician.

3. Teacher

This profession is a clear go for a typical Gemini. It allows the Gemini an outlet for their intellect on whatever subject they fancy. Smart and witty, Geminis make excellent teachers. Their charming personalities enable them to build rapport with students, particularly those in need of positive adult relationships. Geminis’ versatility will help them succeed in the sometimes chaotic school environment. For those that are interested in teaching but are not into kids, an alternative would be to become college instructors or professors.

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4. Event manager

Geminis are simply great multitaskers, a critical trait for event management. A role in events means working with varied clients, different venues and, perhaps, even in different countries. This won’t  make them feel tied down because they love the change and the thrill. 

Teamwork is crucial to successful event management and Geminis are great team players. This role provides opportunities to come up with new ideas, to be creative and keep busy – everything Gemini loves and needs. 

5. Comedian 

Geminis have a natural, innate ability to analyse and entertain their friends - good on ya! They are usually talented at copying accents, making faces or silly sketches. This sign is not shy and does not mind having eyes on them and laughing at themselves too, making it the perfect combo of skills and traits for a great comedian. Other professions that fit within this space would be comedy writer, comic book author or actor.

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While horoscopes shouldn’t be the basis of any firm life decisions, matching your horoscope to aspects of life such as job selection can be fun, inspiring and thought-provoking. It can be a useful starting point in conjunction with other more serious resources and career research. Take our Career Quiz to get a list of your skillet and the best job matches for your profile!

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