What Is A Pre-Apprenticeship?

What Is A Pre-Apprenticeship?
20 April 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
If you are thinking of undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship after finishing school, then it may make sense to look into a pre apprenticeship course first. A Pre-apprenticeship will not only give you an insight into your chosen apprenticeship but it will also prepare you for the working environment in your selected industry as well as improve your existing skills which is a huge advantage when starting out in any new career.

Pre-apprenticeship courses usually run for 3 – 4 weeks and can be undertaken part time while you are still at school, or after you have completed school.

Why you should get a pre-apprenticeship?

It’s a no brainer really, apart from the obvious things like it shows how committed you are to the apprenticeship, that you have a can-do attitude and great work ethic, by taking apart in your pre-apprenticeship course you are effectively completing the first stage of your apprenticeship study. Not only will it take time off your secondary studies, it will also give you a head start in the industry when you are ready to find employment.

A pre-apprenticeship will put you leaps and bounds in front of your peers as employers will love the fact that you will already start in their business with hands on experience which means less time in the classroom and more time contributing to getting your hands dirty within the business.

Does completing a pre-apprenticeship confirm that you will get a job?

Yes, pretty much. You see, a majority of education institutions will actually help to match you with an employer willing to give you some exposure to the trade by working with them. It’s an easier way to break into your chosen field than relying on contact through friends and family or by word of mouth.

There are so many benefits to completing a Pre-apprenticeship through TAFE such as being taught by experienced and qualified teachers and upon completion of the course getting a certificate of completion to include in your resume.

How much does the pre-apprenticeship cost?

Can you believe it is completely free! For more information on the courses available, TAFE locations and to answer any further questions you may have head to apprenticeshipcareers.com.au and complete your details and one of their representatives will contact you to discuss your options with you.
Take the next step in your training and give yourself the best chance to be hired in what is a competitive landscape. Education and skills are the keys to ensuring you are in a traineeship or apprenticeship you love and can learn and grow from.
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