What Are MOOCS? And Why You Should Do One

What Are MOOCS? And Why You Should Do One
20 April 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
Haven’t herd of Moocs before? Massive Open Online Courses my friends could change your learning experience forever! Moocs gives students the option of studying a subject in depth without the constraints of a traditional university course.
Most courses are free or chare a small monthly fee of around $25 to take part and are aimed at unlimited participation , meaning you have unlimited and open access to your course via the web where you can access traditional course materials as well as interactive user forums to get support and interact with other students who are also in your course.
Moocs has taken off with 12 million users worldwide and counting, instead of the traditional face to face lectures all classes are recorded on video and all the learning materials are uploaded to the platform meaning you can review the material as often as you need to.
Unfortunately, pretty much all of the courses don’t offer any sort of accreditation or gain your credits towards your degree BUT it is a great way to boost your knowledge on a subject, help you decide about which degree you should do and of course great on your resume, you are now able to get an online course certificate to at least show that you completed the course so that’s a huge plus!
Moocs usually have no end of course exams or assessments but instead test your knowledge by offering peer assessed assignment or weekly online quizzes which you can decide if you want to take part in or not. It’s really up to you!
When researching Moocs you will come across the terms Udemy and Courseara so while Udemy focuses on relatively short courses, Coursera focuses on more extensive courses and specialisation paths which might be better suited if you are looking at studying in a very specialised course.
Udemy relies on the crowds (almost anyone can register and teach) VS Coursera which work closely with universities and mostly offer courses that are taught by experienced academics.
The crowder.com is a great online platform where you can compare and research the leading sites that offer the online Moocs courses. Start by picking a course category, then a sub category and then begin browsing relevant courses. Then sign up and voila you’re on your way to learning a new skill or brushing up on an old one. Flexible learning really is the way of the future, I’d highly recommend checking out the course lists and see how you can further your learning,
And remember, you can never been overdressed or overeducated. 
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